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Compliant with the UNI EN 12504-3 standard.

The Pull-Out extraction method, classified as a semi-destructive method, allows to directly measure the strength of concrete in a structure.
The aim of the test is to evaluate the compressive strength through the value of the force required to extract a metal rod.

The extraction is carried out by means of a perforated hydraulic jack to which a contrast ring of proportional size to the size of the plug is fixed to the base (as prescribed by the reference standard UNI EN12504-3 “Tests on concrete in reinforcements – Determination of the extraction force “).

The UNI EN12504-3 standard provides for the execution of the Pull-Out extraction test according to well-defined parameters in terms of depth of the hole (25 mm) and flaring of the end part of the plug (25 mm) for the use of a plug post-inserted with controlled expansion.The UNI25 insert represents an innovative solution since, while respecting the specifications imposed by the reference standard, it is durable and reusable over time, with the only possible replacement of the expansion washer.
This feature would allow operators to quickly amortize the cost of the insert, making it much cheaper than other solutions on the market.

The insert is mounted on a special perforated cylinder equipped with a pump and pressure gauge (pressure gauge or pressure transducer).

The UNI25 insert consists of 3 parts: the body, the pin and the special controlled expansion washer.
To make the insert use procedure compliant with the UNI EN12504-3 standard, it must necessarily be supplied together with the drilling and countersinking system.


The UNI25 insert includes the following accessories:

  • Drilling guide (with very high wear resistance treatment)
  • Diamond countersink cutter

The UNI25 insert is supplied complete with:

  • UNI25 insert
  • No.3 UNI25 calibrated expansion springs
  • Drilling guide
  • Diamond tip countersinker

Please Note: The UNI25 insert can always be recovered and reused, while the expansion spring must be replaced after each use.


KIT composition:


  • Central body UNI25 insert
  • No.3 UNI25 calibrated expansion springs
  • Diamond tip countersinker (compatible with standard drill, tool not includes in the kit)
  • Drilling guide


  • Central body UNI25 insert
  • No.3 UNI25 calibrated expansion springs


  • Each pack contains no.10 UNI25 Expansion Springs

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