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Participate in skills growth

Professional growth is linked to the capacity for personal innovation, a capacity that can be achieved through training courses that aim at the continuous updating of skills.

Our goal is to better train highly specialized professionals in the diagnosis of structures in order to contribute to the safety and conservation of the existing heritage. The training offer was designed to make the acquisition and updating of the necessary skills accessible to everyone, developing effective methods close to the needs of professionals. Novatest's commitment is to guarantee a permanent training system capable of making the culture of innovation and technology in non-destructive diagnostics even more solid.

RINA Examination Center for training personnel in NDT

Courses aimed at qualification and professional certification

The courses are aimed at all professionals in the civil sector, technicians with a degree in technical-scientific subjects (e.g., civil engineering, construction engineering, materials engineering, architecture, geology, construction techniques and land management, etc.) and a diploma in technical-scientific subjects (e.g., civil engineering, environment and land-use planning, industrial expert for construction, etc.).

Novatest offers specialization courses on survey methodologies and is an Examination Center recognized by RINA, CB accredited for the issue of level 1, 2 and 3 certification according to the UNI 11931 "Certification of technical personnel in charge of the execution of non-destructive testing in civil engineering". We also organize training courses for companies and laboratories that want to invest in internal resources with projects tailored to specific needs.

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    People and results

    The effectiveness of training is also in the ability to create a motivating link between tutor and participant. That's why we have chosen teachers who are truly interested in the results you want to achieve.

    Novatest's training approach is always aimed at satisfying a need that arises from operational contexts with particular attention paid to the applicability of knowledge and the resolution of any problems. The tutors clearly plan the work activities and the objectives always taking into account the needs of the participants, always favoring the comparison and sharing of clear and direct information.

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