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We manufacture and market measuring instruments for non-destructive testing and geodesy. We have been doing this for 20 years in collaboration with national and international partners to improve the operational quality of the work of professionals in the sector and accompany them on a continuous path of innovation. We have thus gained their trust and so we want to continue to support them through consultancy, training and the offering of latest generation products.


Novatest was born from the experience of a team of professionals and experts who have been working in civil engineering in the non-destructive testing sector for twenty years.


We support professionals in the sector by providing them with the tools and skills necessary to achieve excellent results in the field of building diagnostics.


We develop innovative technological solutions based on the real needs of professionals in the sector with the aim of making their operations more efficient and effective.

National distributors of Sokkia products

Novatest is a national distributor of Sokkia products and solutions for topography and geodesy.

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Our courses

We train the best professionals in the construction and industry sector

Magnetic particles Course – (MT)

  • Bologna
  • 21-25 september 2020

Certification of NDT Operators Level 1 & 2 – Industrial Sector

Ultrasonic Testing Course

  • Milano
  • 14-25 september 2020

Certification of NDT Operators Level 1 & 2 – Industrial Sector


  • Ancona
  • 24-27 september 2019

“Radiography” – cod. RT According to UNI EN ISO 9712:2012 and RINA RC / C14 Regulation for the certification of…

We belong to a large Italian group that innovates, invests and changes the rules of the game.

NOVATEST belongs to the Filippetti Group, an Italian Global Technology Provider and leader in the production of IoT hardware and software technologies. The Group is active in Italy and abroad, through its subsidiaries and partnership agreements with leading companies in their respective market sectors.




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29 MLN/€
R&D 15/19

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