Consulting and Support


To grow together

We accompany you to new goals

We believe in relationships based on transparent communication and on sharing goals. Our first commitment as consultants is to listen to the needs of professionals in the sector, transfer precise knowledge and provide tools that can help them grow and progress.

Our second commitment is to provide a continuous assistance service, from the pre-purchase to the after- sales phase, able to always respond with timely information, useful and decisive advice. Novatest's goal is to offer each customer personalized advice based on in-depth knowledge of his needs and capable of renewing itself over time, always offering the best opportunities and innovations on the market.

Our services

We provide you with solutions that improve efficiency and increase value

These are the areas in which we make all our knowledge available in order to help customers improve every aspect of their work, from data acquisition to the enhancement of their skills.

Research and development

We carefully select the materials and components, we carefully take care of the production and assembly process, we carry out continuous research on innovative technologies and products to offer you.

Production and distribution

We offer a wide range of instruments and accessories for monitoring, non-destructive dtesting and precision surveying, designed and manufactured together with trusted partners selected for their solid know-how.


We organize training courses valid for access to RINA 1st and 2nd and 3rd level exams for the certification of personnel involved in non-destructive tests, in compliance with UNI / PdR 56: 2019 and ISO9712 standards or internal regulations recognized at level national and international (RINA Regulation no. RC / C18).


We guarantee maximum customer assistance in the design of the test, in the installation of the instrumentation and in the execution and processing of the acquired data.

Do you need consulting or support?

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