Hydraulic kit for extraction tests on pullers, plugs, anchor bars to determine the extraction force of the foundation of the bolt or dowel from the surrounding material.

The instrumentation consists of a manual or automatic pressurization unit, a hollow cylinder and an extraction pin with various customizable adapters based on the mechanical characteristics of the element to be tested.

The test is aimed at verifying the remains of removal to a certain load or the load can be applied up to the trailing or rupture of the bar.

• Tests on guardrails or new jersey
• Tests on bars
• Tests of all kinds of anchorage, inserts and rawplug

The Pull-Out STD system includes the following components and accessories:

• N.1 Manual pump (*)
• N.1 NVT02B high precision 0-700bar digital pressure gauge complete with calibration report (Ref. Accredia) (*)
• N.1 Perforated cylinder, complete with force/pressure correlation diagram (**)
• N.1 Reaction spacer (**)
• N.1 Pull pin with self-leveling head
• N.x Adapters for tests on log bolts, anchors or threaded bars
• N.1 R9 high resistance flexible hose L = 2m
• Technical documentation and assembly diagram

Optional accessories:
• Flight Case for protection and transport Kit Flat Jack Basic Set, Kit Pull-Out STD and Pull-Off 500

(*) Compatible with Flat Jack Kit, Pull-Off 500 Kit, Plate Load Test Kit.
(**) Compatible with Pull-Out Kit STD

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