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Hydraulic system for extraction tests compliant with UNI EN12504: 3

The PULL-OUT STD KIT is a complete and reliable solution to perform incredibly reliable structural investigations.
The Pull-Out extraction test is classified among the semi-destructive investigation methods and consists in the measurement of the force necessary to extract a plug (pre-inserted or post-inserted) with controlled expansion in a special hole made specifically in the concrete as established by the reference standard (UNI EN12504: 3). In this way it is possible to make an estimate of the strength of the concrete directly on site and the evaluation of the mechanical characteristics of the material.
The system can be adapted for carrying out pull tests on threaded bars, anchors and anchors of various kinds.

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The mechanical properties of concrete can be determined on site by measuring the force needed to pull a metal anchor pre or post inserted.
The test is performed using a manual hydraulic pump unit with a pressure gauge that drives a hydraulic jack connected to the anchor.

The value of the force produced by the test is used later to determine parameters of concrete strength by calibration curves and/or correlating the test with other methods of non-destructive investigation.


  • N.1 single-stage lever pump, working pressure 0-700bar, 1.4 cc / pumped, tank
    useful 0.5 liters (*);
  • N.1 NVT02B high precision 0-700bar digital pressure gauge with peak indication
    min / max pressure, storage of values and selectable units of measurement (psi, MPa, kPa,
    bar, mbar), accuracy 0,20% F.S. (*);
  • N.1 Digital Dial Gauge fitting with ½ ”GAS connection;
  • N.1 Perforated s / effect cylinder, spring return, 10ton capacity, 50mm stroke (**);
  • N.1 Aluminum reaction spacer L = 150 mm complete with support ring in
    stainless steel. Dimensions compliant with UNI EN 12504-3;
  • N.1 Pulling pin with M20 x 2.5 mm female complete with auto washer
  • N.1 High resistance flexible hose L = 2m, complete with 3/8 ”NPT screw quick couplings and
    protective caps;
  • N.1 Flight Case for protection and transport (optional)

Possibility of adapting the instrument for tests on anchors of various sizes (verification on scaffolding anchors) and on threaded bars.

(*) Compatible with Flat Jack Kit, Pull-Off 500, Plate Load Test Kit, Tensile Load Test Kit, Push System
(**) Compatible with Pull-Off 500 Kit, Plate Load Test Kit

The Pull-Out STD system includes the following components and accessories:

  • N.1 Manual pump with reduced delivery (*)
  • N.1 NVT02B high precision 0-700bar digital pressure gauge with peak pressure indication, complete with calibration report (Ref. Accredia) (*)
  • N.1 Perforated cylinder, s / effect, 10ton, 50mm stroke, complete with force / pressure ratio (**)
  • N.1 Reaction spacer
  • N.1 Pull pin with self-leveling head
  • N.1 R8 high resistance flexible hose L = 2m
  • Technical documentation and assembly diagram

Optional accessories:

  • Flight Case for protection and transport Kit Flat Jack Basic Set, Kit Pull-Out STD and Pull-Off 500

(*) Compatible with Flat Jack Kit, Pull-Off 500 Kit, Plate Load Test Kit, Push System.
(**) Compatible with Pull-Off 500 Kit, Plate Load Test Kit


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