Civil Engineering / System for detensioning tests on steel and concrete structures


A single channel system for detensioning tests on reinforced concrete cables.
The system is available both in wired (via USB to PC) and wireless version, with receiver to PC or handheld system.
The system, in both versions, allows to measure the detensioning by means of a 120 or 350 Ohm linear strain gauge.
The strain gauge is connected via a metal bipolar connector, with a screw terminal block (other options are available on request).
The data are internally calibrated in microstrain in both systems, are then displayed in real time and saved in .csv format.

Measurement software

The software for the detensioning measurement allows the complete configuration of the system, both in wireless and cabalta versions, the real-time display of the data (both in graphical and numerical form) and their saving in .csv format on the PC (neither of the two systems has on-board memory).
Via software, calibrations are also available (with the possibility of linearization up to 9 points), zeroing, shunt (only for the wired version, for the wireless version an additional hardware component is available to be placed in parallel with the strain gauge itself).

Strain gauges

The system is compatible with most strain gauges available on the market.



The electronics, both in the wired and wireless version, have a 24-bit digitizer, stabilized 5V strain gauge power supply. The completion of the bridge is achieved through Vishay high stability and precision resistors. The wired system allows for shunt calibration through software command, while the wireless system requires an additional hardware module.
The sampling rate can be adjusted by the user from 1 Hz up to 200 Hz (default 10 Hz).
The zero is set through a specific software command managed by the user, both for the wireless and wired systems.
The wireless system is powered by 2 AAA batteries, while the wired system is directly powered by USB.

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