• 20 Jun 2022
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UNI25 Insert: Novatest’s “Reusable” Anchorage for Pull-Out Tests

We interviewed Graziano Santilli, Key Account & Foreign Market Manager at Novatest, to discuss the features of UNI25, Novatest’s reusable anchor for Pull-Out Tests.

Graziano, UNI25 represents an important innovation for professionals in the industry, especially for technicians involved in Pull-Out Tests.

Yes, UNI25 is indeed a significant innovation for industry professionals. It is an innovative solution on the market, born from the collaboration between Novatest and Engineer Giuseppe Carmelo Vadalà, who oversaw the experimentation with the Geotechnical Laboratory of the University of Enna “Kore.”

What is it all about?

The UNI EN12504-3 standard establishes precise parameters for the execution of the Pull-Out Test, which involve both the depth of the hole and the chamfering of the terminal part of the anchor used to directly measure the concrete’s resistance.

UNI25 meets the criteria required by the reference standard and, unlike all other anchors currently available on the market, it has the advantage of being durable, meaning it can be reused.

What is the most immediate advantage of its use?

The purchase cost is quickly amortized thanks to its added value, durability, and reusability.

How is UNI25 provided?

Firstly, the anchor consists of a central body, a steel pin, and a special spring with controlled expansion. The accessories that complete the “Starter kit” are the drilling template and the steel milling cutter with a diamond crown subjected to a highly wear-resistant treatment.

UNI25 is Patent Pending, meaning the patent has already been filed, correct?

Yes, the patent has been filed, and prior to filing, UNI25 underwent experimentation, which yielded positive results in terms of compliance with the execution standards of the Pull-Out Test.

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Discover Novatest’s “Reusable” Anchorage for Pull-Out Tests UNI25

UNI25 is Novatest’s durable and reusable insert that revolutionizes the Pull-Out Test sector. Visit the product page now and discover the technical features and usage benefits of UNI25!

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