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Transition to the new UNI 11931: what to do and documentation required

How to comply with the new UNI 11931 standard

All the changes introduced for the “Certification of technical personnel for performing nondestructive testing in the field of civil engineering and cultural and architectural heritage,” and how to apply for possible reissuance of certification.

On January 18, 2024, the new standard UNI 11931:2024 concerning the certification of technical personnel for performing nondestructive testing was published, replacing the previous document, UNI/PdR 56 of 2019.

UNI 11931 makes changes from the perspective of both training and certification of technical personnel in the fields of cultural heritage, architecture and civil engineering.

This standard became effective on January 18, but a transition period ending April 30, 2024, is planned.

On the other hand, for those who already hold certificates issued by RINA according to the previous UNI/PdR 56 standard, it will be possible, by January 17, 2025, to apply for reissuance of certification with adaptation to UNI 11931: 2024.

What are the main changes introduced by the UNI 11931 standard?

UNI 11931 introduces substantial changes:

Some nomenclatures of methods change.

“Dynamic Testing” methodology becomes “Vibration Measurement,” Structural Monitoring and Deformation and Stress Measurement are merged into a single methodology called “Static Field Measurements,” and SONREB methodology is replaced by specific courses for MG, SC and UT.

Finally, Thermography, Ultrasonic Testing and Visual Examination add to their acronyms the specification of the sector they belong to, “civil.”

Mode and timing of training: divided into basic and specialized modules

One of the main changes introduced by UNI11931 concerns precisely the modulation of training courses. With the new standard, a general course is established, with its final exam, which is mandatory to access the specific methodologies of the validity of 2 years within which the first method exam must be accessed. This examination is to be taken only once.

By basic module is intended all the knowledge about the technology and degradation of materials: concrete, steel, masonry and wood, as well as the fundamentals on structural types in the civil works sector, knowledge of the certification standard (UNI 11931) and site safety.

In addition to the basic module, a specialized module is also established, which includes all courses related to individual methodologies. There is a specific examination for each methodology in order to become certified.

Certification renewal methods change and recertification is repealed.

We at Novatest asked Eng. Tribuiani to summarize the main changes introduced in a short video.

How to apply for reissuance of certification?

If you already hold the valid certification for the previous UNI/PdR 56 standard, you can apply for the reissuance of the certification related to the performance of nondestructive testing according to UNI 11931. To do so, it will be sufficient to draft a formal request through the appropriate form to be sent along with the following documentation:

  • Copy of the valid certificate;
  • Statement of operational continuity in the method;
  • Certificate of visual capability in accordance with the provisions of Section 6.2.3 of UNI 11931:2024;
  • Statement of absence of complaints regarding performance as a certified person.

The reissuance of certificates in accordance with the UNI 11931 standard will be carried out upon the successful conclusion by ACCREDIA of the transition of RINA’s accreditation, which must take place by next April 30. As of this date, it will no longer be possible to perform certifications and renewals in accordance with UNI/PdR 56:2019.

For information on training and certification according to UNI 11931 you can contact us at info@novatest.it

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