Surveys with Drones: What types can be performed?

    • 14 Nov 2022
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Thanks to their capabilities and versatility, drones have found applications in many fields, especially in the surveying sector. Drones have reached high standards of precision and reliability and are increasingly being used in the following types of surveys:

  • Topographic surveying
  • Photogrammetric surveying
  • Thermographic surveying
  • Agricultural surveying

Surveys with drones: Topographic surveying

Topographic surveying is an investigation aimed at measuring the dimensions of a portion of the surface, obtaining useful information about slope, vegetation presence, and determining the position of structures and roads. Among the most commonly used tools for this type of survey are GNSS receivers for satellite positioning, laser scanners to identify the position of a point on the surface, total stations for planimetric and altimetric measurements, and drones equipped with specific cameras, which allow, for example, photogrammetric surveys to be conducted.

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Surveys with drones: Photogrammetric surveying

Photogrammetric surveying involves obtaining metric data, shape, and dimensions of a particular object. The combination of photogrammetry and drone technology allows for more accurate results and reduces time and cost compared to traditional field surveys.

This specific combination of surveying type (photogrammetry) and technology (drones) provides a three-dimensional post-production view of the surveyed object or surface, thanks to point clouds obtained from a set of points identified with a coordinate system. The three-dimensional models also allow for obtaining sections and altimetric profiles.

Surveys with drones: Thermographic surveying

Thermographic surveying is an investigation that allows for the detection of thermal anomalies present in objects, structures, and buildings. Thermographic surveys with drones, using thermal cameras, provide accurate and reliable imaging in diagnostic and monitoring activities, even at distances and heights.

Surveys with drones: Agricultural surveying

Agricultural surveying is an investigation that allows for mapping and monitoring agricultural surfaces to obtain information about crops, soil health, and crop vegetative status. Agricultural surveys with drones have found extensive use in precision agriculture, which comprises high-tech strategies and tools like drones, optimizing agricultural processes from both technical and environmental perspectives.

Surveys with drones: NOVAdrone P800 GPR COBRA

The NOVAdrone P800 system with integrated GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), compared to crewed aircraft or helicopters, not only makes the work safer and more efficient but also offers significant advantages in terms of low-altitude programmed autonomous flight with high precision through an integrated Terrain Follow system.

A GPR mounted on a drone allows for investigations of terrains, ice, rocks, freshwater, or structures in critical environments without compromising personnel safety, providing an alternative solution for more efficient surveys.

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