• 16 Jun 2022
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5 Safety Benefits of Surveying with Drones

There are many obstacles to avoid in the life of a professional involved in Non-Destructive Testing, and safety is always a top priority at work. The use of detection equipment like fully integrated Microdrones systems is becoming more widespread, as drones can help prevent accidents, exposure, and falls. In the video below, we highlight 5 ways drone surveying is improving safety in the workplace.

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One of the key advantages of using drones in the field of surveying is the safety offered by the technology. In this overview, we highlight the 5 main safety benefits of drone surveying.

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1. Conduct surveys of remote terrain away from hazardous grounds

Drone technology allows surveyors to gather data more quickly without having to access dangerous canyons, mountain slopes, or other unsafe terrains, avoiding falls, slips, and other hazardous incidents.

2. Stay away from construction equipment

Using LiDAR drones to check fill levels keeps surveyors and construction workers away from the equipment and eliminates the need to walk in hazardous areas. By using the drone, a safe vantage point can be chosen to cover the entire area of interest and collect all the necessary data.

3. Drone surveying enhances safety in mining operations

UAV mapping keeps miners safe and out of danger, especially when assessing hazardous environments like stockpiles and large quarries. The drone increases the safety factor and allows for a more accurate representation of the area of interest.

4. Keep away or stay clear of busy roads

LiDAR drones significantly reduce the time professionals spend working in moving traffic or near it. The mdLiDAR1000LR enables operators to perform field activities much faster than using traditional measurement tools.

5. Inspect power lines and utilities with limited exposure

With LiDAR drones, it is possible to safely create highly detailed 3D point clouds to assess the corridors, structures, and areas of interest of power lines.

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