• 26 Mar 2024
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Croatia – Proof of concept for the inspection and mapping of a pipeline through a drone integrated Georadar survey for the customer AIR-RMLD

Novatest team carried out an investigation for the client AIR-RMLD in Rašćane, Croatia.

The aim of the survey was to map a pipeline placed 1 meter under the ground through a Georadar on a drone. 

The Potential of GPR Georadar Technology

The Georadar investigation (GPR) is a non-invasive technique used to detect objects and structures beneath the surface. Georadar technology employs electromagnetic pulses released by the ground and measures time and intensity of signals reflected and collected by the receiver in order to obtain data. All data is processed to create a detailed mapping of soil’s features, including pipes, cables and other infrastructures or anomalies. The inspection allowed our Novatest team to get precious info about the mapping for the surveyed area and the pipeline. 

Normally, the inspection on the pipeline would require excavations and drillings, implying elevated costs, environmental hazards and safety risks. Thanks to the use of GPR surveys is possible to make evaluations in a non-destructive way, providing detailed information without undermining existing infrastructures. 

The drone configuration allows to carry out investigations in inaccessible and remote areas which may be a threat for the operator and may also damage crops. 

Georadar integrated system (GPR) on drone: why use it?

For pipeline mapping the Novatest team employed a multifrequency 200/400/800 MHz GPR system integrated on a drone. The use of this system provides substantial solutions to the main issues involved in the accessibility of certain surveyed areas, the efficiency of the investigation and the reduction of risks for operators. 

The Georadar GPR system mounted on a drone offers a detailed resolution for structures underground. Thanks to a fast data-gathering it allows an accurate evaluation of the position, the size and status of the pipeline or any other target present beneath the surface. 

Moreover it minimize excavations and enables surveys in hard to reach areas. The inspection through drone allows surveys in areas otherwise inaccessible and reduces safety risks for the operators.

Finally, thanks to the drone’s capabilities, surveys can quickly cover large areas allowing an efficient investigation of the site and bringing significant cost savings in the process. 

The innovative Novatest system not only offers an ever effective and safe method for the status evaluation of underground infrastructures but it also opens the way to new possibilities in the field of geotechnic surveys, archaeology and non-destructive investigations overall. 

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