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Flexible tanks for load tests

Novatest flexible tanks are robust and resistant, particularly suitable for use in load tests on floors and other load-bearing structures.

Equipped with a UNI45 loading/unloading valve and an “overflow” air bleed valve, the tanks are made of extra strong polyester fabric coated with plastomers and are made with different types of material with high mechanical and chemical characteristics. Standard capacities range from 1 to 500 cubic meters.

They are provided with handles fixed to the edges that facilitate the operator’s grip for lifting the tank, in order to favor the complete escape of water.


• Low weight and high strength material;
• Easy lifting thanks to the handles positioned in the corners;
• Small footprint when folded;
• Simple use and reduced maintenance;
• Easy repair in case of breakage.

Extension sizes:

  •  Flexible tank dim. (cm) 330 x 296 x 70(h) – Capacity 4.000Lt
  •  Flexible tank dim. (cm) 350 x 296 x 80(h) – Capacity 5.000Lt
  •  Flexible tank dim. (cm) 296 x 490 x 80(h) – Capacity 7.500Lt
  •  Flexible tank dim. (cm) 296 x 590 x 100(h) – Capacity 10.000Lt
  •  Flexible tank dim. (cm) 296 x 680 x 100(h) – Capacity 11.000Lt
  •  Flexible tank dim. (cm) 444 x 600 x 120(h) – Capacity 20.000Lt

Possibility to customize the dimensions and characteristics of the tanks according to the specific test needs.

Technical features:

  •  Complete with 2″ loading/unloading lateral valve with flanges
  •  Reduction and tap compatible with UNI45 attack
  •  1″ “Overflow” valve
  •  No.4 welded corner handles
  •  Polyester fabric 900gr/sqm
  •  Breaking load 4000 N/5cm
  •  Tear 400N

The Novatest Flexible tanks are supplied complete with valves and fittings to allow for immediate use.

Optional accessories:

  •  Digital Liter Counter 2VG

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