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WWB-100 (Water Weight Bags)

WATER WEIGHT BAGS WWB-100 – Hanging Balloons for Load Testing
The hanging balloons WWB-100 are designed to perform load tests and trials of lifting equipment (overhead cranes) or elevated structures (beams) in place of traditional weights, offering significant advantages in terms of safety, economy, convenience, and high efficiency.

Applications and Usage Areas
Maritime and Offshore: Testing of shipboard cranes, rig cranes, winches, lifeboat davits, provision cranes, and other types of cranes.
Energy: WWB (Water Weight Bags) balloons can be used for load testing and trials of overhead cranes in power plants and hydropower stations, as well as for offshore cranes for wind turbine blades.
Oil&Gas: Testing and trials of rig cranes and offshore cranes due to the advantages of maneuverability and light weight.
Heavy Manufacturing Industries: Load testing and trials of overhead cranes.

Specifications and Advantages
The WWB-100 system includes various sizes of bags complete with all the necessary accessories for conducting the load test. The balloons are designed so that the lifting system is separate from the water bag body. Therefore, the failure of any element or straps will not result in the failure of the lifting system or cause a local overload of the water bags.

Wireless Load Cell – Key Features

The dynamometer’s output signal is digital. Parameter adjustment and temperature compensation can be managed internally. Wireless reception is through the handheld device, which receives the output from the load cell and displays the values on the LCD. Additionally, the handheld device can be connected via RS232 to a computer or a large screen.

Key Features:
– Robust construction
– Accuracy: 0.1% of capacity
– All functions and units are displayed on the LCD screen (with backlighting)
– Ability to set alarm thresholds for safety and warning applications or for the weight limit
– Long battery life with 3 standard “LR6(AA)” size alkaline batteries
– All commonly used internationally recognized units are available: kilograms (kg), short tons (t), pounds (lb)
– Infrared remote control for easier calibration (with password)
– Infrared remote control with functions: “ZERO”, “FUNC”, “PEAK”, “BKLT”, “Unit Change”, and “Power OFF”
– 3 local mechanical keys: “ON/OFF”, “ZERO”, and “Unit Change”. Low battery warning.

Wireless Load Shackles
The wireless load cell shackle allows for weight acquisition during load testing using WWB hanging balloons. The wireless load cell shackle does not require the use of linking shackles and comes with a wireless indicator.


The wireless load cell shackle is an extremely robust and well-built instrument for industrial use, serving as a standard tool for wireless load testing with universal applications. Whether used as a conventional crane weight or to measure force, it is microprocessor-controlled for precision accuracy, and calibration is simplified with the wireless handheld device.
Wireless load cell shackles are designed for lifting in various scenarios, such as cranes, winches, load testing with hanging water bags, and other applications. In combination with the wireless indicator, the wireless load cell shackle is the most reliable and straightforward method to manage load application.

Quality Certificates
The WWB-100 hanging balloons for load testing are produced with the highest quality PVC coating material, certified by SGS. Furthermore, they are manufactured and tested in accordance with LEEA 051 guidelines.

Features of WWB – Water Weight Bags

Dynamometer Features

– Zero Power On Range: 20% of full scale
– Manual Zero Range: 4% of full scale
– Tare Range: 20% of full scale
– Stable Time: ≤10 seconds
– Overload Indication: 100% of full scale + 9e
– Max Safety Load: 125% of full scale
– Ultimate Load: 400% of full scale
– Battery Life: ≥40 hours
– Battery Type: “LR6(AA)” size alkaline batteries. 1.5V
– Operating Temperature: -10°C – +40°C
– Operating Humidity: ≤85% RH
– Wireless Distance: Min. 80m (default) – 200m (optional)
– Wireless Frequency: 2.4 GHz (default), 433 MHz, 860 MHz (optional)

Handheld Digital Reader
– Display: LCD 71×29 with backlighting;
– Holds the maximum peak value, can be connected to the computer or a large screen display via RS232;
– Measurement Units: kg, lb, t.
– Display: 18 mm 6 digits LCD
– Wireless Frequency: 430-485 MHz
– Wireless Distance: Min 200 m (default)
– A/D Conversion Rate: ≥50 times/second
– Operating Temperature Range: -20°C – +80°C
– Operating Humidity: ≤85% RH
– Battery Life: ≥50 hours
– Non-linearity: 0.01% of full scale
– Stable Time: ≤5 seconds
– Standard: GB/T7551/ OIML R60

Complete Accessories. Ready for use!
– Connecting Rings and Shackles complying with EN1677 or EN13889
– Polyester Lifting Straps complying with EN1492-2:2000 and EN1492-1:2000
– High-pressure PVC and TPU Water Filling and Draining Hose with valves and “comlocks” connections
– Repair Kit

Wireless Load Shackle
Wireless load shackle for crane load testing and trials, used for measuring the load during the test. The load cell set consists of a load ring with two shackles and a handheld wireless reader. The load cell is available in the following capacities: 1t, 5t, 10t, 20t, 30t, 50t, 100t, and 200t.

Tension Load Shackles
The wireless tension load shackle is a simple and reliable standard component for managing the load during load testing.

Water Meters

Water meters can be used to measure the volume of water inside the WWB-Water Weight Bags.

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