Civil Engineering / FLAT JACKS KIT SYSTEM


Hydraulic system for tests with flat jacks on masonry structures

The usage of the method of investigation related to flat jacks is bond to the need to assess the quality of masonry structures and determine mechanical properties.

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The major difficulties found in representative samples from the walls, contributed to the development of methodologies and innovative tools more and more reliable.

The system consists on a unit of pressurization, a single outlet connected to a flexible full of quick release coupling graft and a pressure gauge for displaying the pressure value.

The equipment is all designed and made in aluminium and other light alloys to provide high mechanical properties combined with lightness and manuvrability.
The use of components with standard requirements allows Novatest’s flat jacks to be applied to all kinds of pressurization units, making them unique and multipurpose.

Part of Flat Jacks System is compatible with other instruments like Pull-Out Kit, Pull-Off Kit or Plate Load Test Kit.

  • No.1 Single stage lever pump, working pressure 0-700bar, 1.4 cc / pumped, useful tank 0.5 liters (*);
  • N.1 NVT02B high precision digital pressure gauge 0-700bar with indication of min/max pressure peak, storage of selectable values ​​and measurement units (psi, MPa, kPa, bar, mbar), accuracy 0,20% F.S. (*);
  • No.1 Flexible hose “R7” L=2m with 3/8”NPT quick coplings;
  • No.1 Flexible hose “R7” L=0,8m with 3/8”NPT quick couplings (for the connection between two flat jacks).

(*) Compatible with:

  • STD Pull-Out Kit;
  • Pull-Off 500;
  • Plate Load Test Kit.
  • N.1 Single-stage manual pump with 0,5Lt tank (*);
  • N.1 NVT02B high precision digital pressure gauge 0-700bar with peak pressure indication, complete with calibration report (Accredia ref.) (*);
  • N.1 Flexible hose “R7” L=2m with quick couplings;
  • N.1 Flexible hose “R7” L=0,8m with quick couplings for connection between two flat jacks.

Optional accessories:

  • Flight Case for protection and transport Flat Jack Kit, STD Pull-Out Kit and Pull-Off 500

(*) Compatible with:

  • STD Pull-Out Kit;
  • Pull-Off 500;
  • Plate Load Test Kit.

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