System for testing the strength of the mortar on masonry structures compliant with ASTM C803

The PRD800 is a tool used to measure the resistance of materials in situ for new or existing constructions.
The operating principle which the instrument is based is the capacity to nail a pin into the surface of the material, since the penetration depth is inversely proportional to compressive strength is easy to determine the material resistence.

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The PRD800 measures compression strength of concrete and mortar in situ with accuracy and speed.
It is a safe tool that uses a mechanism equipped with a calibrated spring to insert a steel nail into the material to be investigated.
The depth of penetration of the nail is measured and correlated with specific curves to the compression strength of the test material. The removable small section nail facilitates the use of the instrument and the correct execution of the test.

Main features:

• Portable and practical;
• Safe and easy to use;
• Non-invasive;
• Removable nail;
• Conforms to ASTM C-803;
• Usable on concrete and mortar.

• Penetration resistance: 800 +/- 8;
• Shot power: 20 +/- 1 mm;
• Digital measuring gauge: 20 +/- 0.01 mm;
• Nail length: 40 mm;
• Nail Diameter: 3.5 mm;
• Hole Meter: 39.5 mm.

• No.1 Depth Meter
• No.20 penetration nails
• No 1 Little pump
• No.1 Tightening key
• No.1 Load lever
• User manual
• Carrying case

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