Geodesy / Multi-beam Echo-sounder for bathymetric survey

HydroBoat 1500

The HydroBoat 1500 is a highly versatile bathymetric survey and monitoring platform that can carry a multi-beam echo sounder. It is designed to measure underwater topography in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. The combination of the HydroBoat1500 and the HydroBeam M4 portable multi beam echo sounder system provides accurate and high-resolution data collection, making it a powerful solution for experts who need precise underwater topographic information.

Applications with Multibeam Echosounder
– Investigation of Natural River Beds
– Slope Scour Inspection
– Dam Deformation Monitoring
– Channel Navigation Surveys

The HydroBoat 1500 has a rugged IP67 hull and four thrusters on the sides, allowing it to follow the pre-defined navigate complex water environments easily. It is equipped with a high-precision positioning and directional GNSS receiver, and an IMU. Which ensures sub-meter positioning accuracy when satellite signal is temporarily blocked. This makes it an ideal unmanned vehicle for those needing to collect detailed underwater terrain data.

65 Kg Payload
Carry up to 65 Kg of equipment and the through-hull design allows for larger equipment to be accommodated.

Android Control
The Android SLHydro USV software allows for more user-friendly operation with its line wiring, boat controlling, parameter setting and safety warning features.

Unlimited Distance Control
4G and 2.4G dual-channel control and communication, so that the distance is no longer limited, in the office can also be real-time data collection.

Safe Sailing
Built-in 360° omnidirectional camera and millimeter wave radar, double-layer hull anti-sink design, smart obstacle avoidance, and shallow hovering functions make HydroBoat 1500 and payload safer.

Linear Technology with Unwavering Precision
Navigate challenging conditions without hesitation, maintaining a precise course along a predetermined path.

Expandable Equipment
– Dual-Frequency Echo Sounder
– Multi-Beam Echo Sounder
– Side Scan Sonar

HydroBeam M4
Portable Multi-Beam Echo Sounder
The HydroBeam M4 is an ingenious and compact portable multi-beam bathymetric system, brought to life by SatLab. It boasts exceptional precision without the need for frequent calibration, making it an ideal choice for lightweight operations.
Its compact design, coupled with its intelligent features and circular transducer, renders it effortlessly deployable on a range of platforms, including USVs, AUVs, and ROVs. This versatility empowers users to swiftly conduct precise measurements at any location and time, liberating them from the constraints of traditional multi-beam systems. Moreover, it ensures the dependable and stable operation of unmanned missions across diverse environments, from serene lakes and meandering rivers to bustling harbors, ports, terminals, and intricate waterways.

Advanced Features
Diverse Compatibility
The compact cylindrical shape of Φ228mm and lightweight design of 5.9kg makes it easily compatible with various unmanned platforms, and ease in transport and deployment in various settings.

Reliable Performance
Supports up to 1024 high-density beams with resolutions up to 7.5 mm , maintaining high performance and accuracy across different tasks and conditions.

Real-time Roll Stabilization
Real-time Roll stabilization maximizes the multi-beam sweep and improves work efficiency.

Seamless Integration
Built-in INS and SVS in the transducer, eliminating complex attitude calibration , simplifying setup and reducing downtime.

High Efficiency
Adjustable scan width from 8° to 150° for up to 7.5x depth coverage , reducing survey repeats and increasing overall efficiency.

Intelligent Operation
Functional and smart survey software allows operators to monitor survey progress and reduces manual operation, and supports access to Kongsberg, R2sonic, Reson and other devices.

Strict Compliance with Standards
Exceeds IHO special order, CHS exclusive order & USACE New Work.

– Pipeline Survey
– Dredging Project
– Hydrographic Survey
– Underwater Archeology
– Harbor Survey
– Reservoir Storage Survey
– Environmental Research
– Rescue and Salvage

HydroBoat 1500 – Specifications

– Dimension: 1528*1034(694)*494 mm
– Weights: 15 – 75 Kg
– Material: Carbon fiber, rubber bumper
– Waterproof: IP67
– Anti-wave & Wind: 4rd wind level & 3nd wave level
– Anticollision Sensor: 10-30 meters detection distance
– Camera: 360° omnidirectional video
– Status Indicator Light: Display GNSS positioning and controller connection status
– Safety Protection: Obstacle avoidance, shallow water warning, low battery return, disconnect return

Power and Electrical Parameters
– Propeller Type: Quick release propellers * 4
– Power: Max 1000 W
– Speed: 0.1 – 6 m/s
– Battery Capacity: 29.04 V/34.3 Ah (typical)
– Battery Endurance: 12h@2m/s, 22@1.5m/s, Running on 3 battery sets
– Battery Safety: Multi-circuit equalization, power display, high-temperature/over-current/short-circuit protection

Communication & Control
– Type: 2.4 GHz wireless technology (1.7 km); 4G network
– Navigation Mode: Manual, Auto, Return
– Data Storage Methods: Simultaneous support for ship-side storage and controller broadcast
– System: Android 7.0; storage 5 GB; SD card supported
– Dimension: 272 mm*183 mm*94 mm
– Weights: 1034 g
– Display: 7 inches
– Battery Capacity: 20000 mAh
– Battery Endurance: 6-20 h

– Channels: 1408
– GNSS Differential Types: Radio; Network; Controller internet
– Signal: -BDS: B1I, B2I, B3I, B1C, B2a, B2b;
– GPS: L1C/A, L1C, L2P, L2C, L5;
– GLONASS: L1, L2;
– GALILEO: E1, E5a, E5b;
– QZSS: L1, L2, L5
– Position Accuracy: H: ±8 mm+1 ppm; V: ±15 mm+1 ppm
– Directional Accuracy: ≤0.2°
– Timing Accuracy: ≤20 ns

– Refresh Rate: 200 Hz
– Position Accuracy: < 1 m/30 s
– Directional Accuracy: ≤2.1°/h
– Control Software: – SLHydro USV Android APP
– Supports manual drawing, *.kml & *.dxf file import of sailing plans
– WEB management system to monitor USV system status in real time
– Operation Temperature: -10°C – +40°C
– Storage Temperature_ -40°C – +85°C
– Expandable Equipment: Dual-frequency echo sounder, Multi-beam echo sounder, Side scan toner, ADCP

HydroBeam M4 Portable Multi-Beam Echo Sounder – Specifications
– Frequency: 400 Khz
– Beam Width: 1° * 2°
– Number of Beams: 512 (max 1024)
– Swath Coverage: 8°-150°
– Depth Range: 0.2-200 m
– Resolution: 7.5 mm
– Work Modes: Equal-angle/Equal-distance/High density
– Max Ping Rate: 30 HZ
– Signal Type: CW
– Depth Rating (Sonar Head): 50 m
– Roll Stabilization: ±10°
– Built-in Heading Accuracy: 0.08°(2 m base line); 0.05°(4 m base line)
– Built-in Attitude Accuracy: 0.02°
– Position Accuracy: H: ±8 mm+1 ppm; V: ±15 mm+1 ppm
– Heave Accuracy: 5 cm/5%
– SVS Accuracy: ±0.02 m/s
– SVS Resolution: 0.001 m/s
– Sound Velocity Range: 1375~1900 m/s
– Input Voltage: AC: 110-240V; DC: 10-32V
– Power Wastage: 60W
– Transducer Dimension: Φ228 mm*175 mm
– Transducer Weight: 5.9 kg(air)
– Deck Unit Dimension: 230 mm*180 mm*80 mm
– Deck Unit Weight: 2.6 kg(air)
– Operational Temperature: +4°C~+40°C
– Storage Temperature: -20°C~+60°C

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