Single-beam sonar for drone bathymetry.

The ECT400 is one of the smallest and lightest precision fishfinders on the sonar market, capable of measuring complete backscatter data and accurate altitude data.


  • Real-time collection of backscatter data along entire water columns;
  • Ultra-compact (50mm diameter x 70mm length) Ideal for ROV / AUV navigation and bathymetry Serial interface (RS232, 485, 422);
  • Compatible with Hypack, Topcon receiver, HydroPro (Trimble);
  • Seacon underwater position connector;
  • Intuitive GUI software, provided for instant image processing;
  • Integrated inclinometer (optional);
  • Depth up to 100 m.


  • Single-beam bathymetric surveys;
  • Depth measurement for navigation;
  • Sediment movement monitoring;
  • Monitoring of the undermining of the bridge piers at the foot;
  • Port security;
  • Wave / tide monitoring.
  • Acoustic frequency: 450 kHz
  • Beam Width: 5 ° conical (-3dB)
  • Pulse band transmitted: 10 μsec … .200 μsec (10 μsec step)
  • Range: 0.15m – 100m
  • Housing:
    – SB: PVC
    – MB: Aluminum (anodized)
  • Connector: SEACON
  • Operating depth: 100m (greater depth available upon request)
  • Repeat (Ping): 10Hz max
  • Sampling Rate: 100kHz
  • Resolution of the water columns:> 7.5 mm
  • Altimeter Range Resolution: <1.0 mm
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1 ° C
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.5 ° C (-10 ° C …. + 50 ° C)
  • Integrated inclinometer (optional)
    – Biaxial operation, horizontal: +/- 90 °
    – Accuracy of inclination data: 0.1
  • Digital output interface: RS-232, RS-485, RS-422
  • Communication speed: 4800 – 115200 baud (115200 baud default)
  • Data output format: ASCII TXT, NMEA0183 or user-defined (optional)
  • Data configuration and reading: Echologger control program or any processing program
  • Operating temperature: -10 ° C …. + 50 ° C
  • Power supply: 8-75VDC, 2W max
  • Dimensions:
    – SB: D56 mm x L85 mm (without connector)
    – MB: D55 mm x L70 mm (without connector)
  • Weight:
    – SB: 270g (PVC)
    – MB: 310g (aluminum)
  • Other characteristics:
    – Compatible with Hypack (NMEA)
    – Integrated GPS data
    – Compatible with SkyHub datalogger and Altimeter
    radar (True Terrain Follow) for acquisitions from drone.

ECT400 depth sounder with tilt and temperature sensor, harness and supports for the drone

Standard configuration

  • Nova Drone X8 Pro multirotor drone complete with accessories, batteries and remote control
  • ECT400 Single Beam Sonar with Tilt and Temperature Sensor
  • SkyHub on-board control unit for configuring the data acquisition and saving parameters. Compatible with payloads such as radar and depth sounder
  • True Terrain Follow TTF system for flight altitude management
  • UgCS Pro flight planning software
  • UgCS Custom payload software
  • Hydro Magic post-processing software


  • Hydromagic software for bathymetric data management

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