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Wire Crackmeter

Wire displacement sensors are used to detect and control any movements that occur in landslides or in unstable rock masses.

The tool essentially consists of a box containing a rotatory potentiometer and tensionator for the steel cable, and an anchor that has to be fixed at the second reference point. A steel cable is stretched with constant voltage between the two reference points of the instrument. The maximum length of the steel cable may be up to 10 metres.


  • Monitoring large displacements
  • Testing of floors and coverings
  • Monitoring topple landslides
  • Convergence measurements


  • Reliability on long time monitoring
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Class of protection IP67
  • Sturdy construction, also suitable for harsh environments
  • Easy to install

Sensor Type: potentiometric
Measurement: range from 50 mm to 1250 mm
Resolution: infinity
Linearity: <0.25% F.S.
Total Accuracy: <0.5% F.S.
Operating temperature: -20…..+80 °C
Output signal: potetiometric, 4-20 mA
Power: 5-30 Vdc
Class of protection: IP65
Dimensions: 150x60x60 mm
Material: aluminium

  • Installation accessories
  • invar steel extension cable
  • IP66 connector

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