Monitoring Systems / NOVA TB15


Biaxial Inclinometer

Wall tilt-meters are used to monitor changes in the inclination of structures, walls, retaining walls, rock masses and for evaluating the behavior of bridges and beams subject to load.
Equipped with a biaxial MEMS sensor, this instrument detects the angular variations of the structures, providing useful indications about the rotational movements of the same.


  • Particularly suitable for long-term monitoring or load tests;
  • Accuracy and resistance;
  • IP67 protection degree;
  • Vertical and horizontal installation;
  • Ease of assembly;
  • Compatible with the “NB-IoT 5G DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM” and with the “NOVALog” data acquisition control unit.


  • Monitoring of concrete structures;
  • Load tests on bridges and viaducts;
  • Historical buildings;
  • Containment walls;
  • Monitoring of steel structures;
  • Concrete dams;
  • Wind towers;
  • Land subsidence;
  • Monitoring of landslides.
0-5 Volt 4-20 mA
Sensor MEMS digital 3D MEMS digital 3D
Range da +/-5° a +/-90° da +/-5° a +/-90°
Power supply 8 – 16 Vdc 8-16 Vdc
Resolution ≤ 0.001% F.S (≤ 0.001°) ≤ 0.001% F.S (≤ 0.001°)
Accuracy ≤ 0.02% F.S. ≤ 0.02% F.S.
Repeatability ≤ 0.01% F.S. (+/-0,01°) ≤ 0.01% F.S.(+/-0,01°)
Output signal 0-5 Volt 4-20mA
Temperature stability ≤ 0.01°/°C ≤ 0.01°/°C
Long-term stability: < 0.01° < 0.01°
Protection class IP67 IP67
Operating temperature -40 ~+80 °C -40 ~ +80 °C
Dimensions 80x75x57 mm 80x75x57 mm
Housing material Die-cast aluminum Die-cast aluminum


  • Biaxial MEMS wall inclinometer;


  • Grommet with electric cable cut to size
  • M12 4Pin Connector

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