• 3 Aug 2021
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Metrology, Safety, and Precision of Topographic Instruments

We have reached the end of our in-depth exploration of geodesy and surveying. We started with the definition of these two sister sciences, born out of humanity’s concrete need to understand the territory and measure it. To measure is to know, or to use the words of the physicist Lord Kevin, you only know what you can measure.

In this final article, we want to delve into the concept of measurement and metrology, which is the science of measurements and their applications.

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Metrology: Measurement and Uncertainty

Measurement is an information expressed as a number in relation to the reference unit of measurement for a quantity. Its characteristic feature, in metrology, is what is known as uncertainty. No measurement is exact; every measurement must be associated with an uncertainty, and the best precision instruments aim to minimize the value of uncertainty.

Metrology: Reliability of Surveying Instruments

Uncertainty, or the general difficulty of measurement, naturally affects professionals working in the field of geodetic and topographic surveys. However, the quality of topographic measurements has significantly improved thanks to state-of-the-art instrumentation that reduces the value of uncertainty. The more accurate and precise an instrument is, the closer it will yield a value to the real one.
Moreover, topographic instruments allow for multiple measurements of a single point, already providing the average data.

In essence, the value of measurement uncertainty is related to the qualities of accuracy and precision of the topographic instrument. It is worth mentioning that topographic instruments require proper maintenance to maintain their high level of accuracy and precision.

In this article, we wanted to delve into a crucial aspect of measurement that also applies to topographic surveying. A measurement is never exact but includes what is known in metrology as the value of uncertainty.

To minimize the value of uncertainty and work with data that is as close to reality as possible, it is necessary to have accurate and precise topographic instruments and subject them to regular maintenance. If you are interested in learning more about the instruments and services that Novatest offers to professionals in geodetic and topographic surveys, do not hesitate to fill out the form, and you will be contacted promptly.

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