• 24 May 2022
      • Prodotti,

High-Tech Tools for Precision Agriculture

Today, there is increasing talk about Agriculture 4.0 or precision agriculture. What is it all about? And how can technological innovation be useful in optimizing agricultural processes?
Let’s start with the definition of precision agriculture.

Definition of precision agriculture

Precision agriculture refers to a set of high-tech strategies and tools that allow for the collection of data and information useful for optimizing agricultural production processes from both technical and environmental perspectives.

One of the well-known and frequently cited definitions is from Gebbers and Adamchuck, which states:
“Precision agriculture is an approach that enables doing the right thing, at the right time, at the right place.”

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This definition highlights a crucial aspect related to agricultural processes, which can be summarized in the concept of variability of factors that influence agricultural practices. When we talk about efficiency, we mean optimizing resources to achieve better results, and in this sense, precision agriculture moves towards sustainable practices aimed at reducing environmental impact.
Agricultural systems are dynamic systems that vary in space and time, and technological instrumentation allows for monitoring this dynamic nature and planning targeted interventions for its management based on productivity and environmental protection.

Advantages of precision agriculture

The main advantages of this approach are immediately apparent:

  1. Improve agricultural productivity while using fewer resources.
  2. Maintain consistent production quality standards.
  3. Reduce the environmental impact of fertilizers and herbicides.
  4. Avoid water waste.
  5. Monitor the chemical and physical characteristics of the soil.

Tools for precision agriculture: agricultural drones

Drones have been widely used in precision agriculture due to the exceptional results they provide in terms of image collection, information, and data.
It should be noted that drones, due to their small size, can easily reach any area of land, providing precise, accurate, and reliable images, information, and data.

UAV mdTECTOR 1000 AGRI: Novatest’s microdrone for precision agriculture


UAV mdTECTOR 1000 AGRI allows farmers and agronomists to identify any issues and problems with agricultural systems, providing the longest flight times currently available on the market and great resilience even in particularly challenging weather conditions.
The mdCockpit app simplifies flight planning, monitoring, control, and analysis, allowing for repeated surveys of the same terrain as desired.

The mdTector1000 Agri package is a high-performance multispectral mapping option for the md4-1000 C version or newer drone platform. It features an mdTector1000 Agri sensor mounted on a gravity-stabilized nadir gimbal connected to a GPS receiver and a downward light sensor (DLS) for ambient lighting correction during flight.

Novatest also offers UAV mdTECTOR 1000 AGRI for rental.

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