UAV Solutions / 5-sensor 3-ax UAV magnetometer integrated survey system for aerial or ground surveys, also available in gradiometric configuration

UAV Magnetometer R4-M350

The integrated UAV Magnetometer R4-M350 system is an ultra-portable magnetometer survey kit with five 3-axis sensors integrated on a drone.

UXO Search, Geophysics, Archaeology, Geology, and pipeline detection.

The UAV Magnetometer R4-M350 system is used for high-resolution mapping to detect small and compact objects, as well as structures underground, for preventive monitoring of areas for the detection of unexploded ordnance or ammunition, and for the production of scientific magnetic cartographies.

UAV Magnetometer R4-M350 – High-Resolution Mapping
R4 is an ultra-portable magnetometer designed for surveys over large areas when conventional ground-based configurations by people or vehicles are no longer possible: in these cases, the drone represents the best solution both in terms of production and operator safety.

Advantages of using UAV systems:
– Reduced human risk thanks to autonomous data collection
– Access to the entire network regardless of ground conditions or obstacles
– Continuous data acquisition enabling identification of critical points such as underground structures, pipeline crossings, parallel lines, or metallic objects
– 3 times faster acquisition speed than traditional tools, reducing inspection time and cost

The R4 magnetometer can also be configured with a handle and GNSS receiver for ground-based use by the operator and in a gradiometric configuration to improve data resolution.

The operation of UAV Magnetometer R4-M350 is simple. It has only one button and an integrated server accessible from any WIFI device, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. In addition, the flight altitude is managed by the programmable True Terrain Follow (TTF) from the “Mission Planner,” an automatic mission planning system. This facilitates configuration, system verification, remote start/stop of recordings, and data download. The provided software helps identify flight paths, cut, filter, and compensate raw data, generates a preview, and exports in various formats for further processing of recorded values, such as using GIS tools or Matlab with custom scripts.

Data Compensation Base
Using a reference station, the magnetic data acquired with the drone can be correlated with that of the Base. This will enable the elimination of temporary noise sources such as crossing vehicles, network frequencies, or solar storms.

Technical Data UAV Magnetometer R4-M350
– Power Supply: 18 V; 1,500 mAh Li-Ion re-chargeable battery
– Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
– Weight / with Li-Ion battery: 2700 g / 3000 g
– Overall power consumption: 10 W

– Number and orientation of sensors: 5 pieces, laid horizontal, parallel
– Specified measurement range: ±75,000 nT (higher ranges available on request)
– Number of sensor axis: 3
– Distance between sensor centre points: 250/500 mm

– Sensor input: Internal wired
– User Interface: Start/Stop button; Web Interface
– Survey mode: Recording when start/stop pressed
– Sampling rate: 200 Hz (higher rates available on request)
– Internal memory: 8 GB

Standard package
– Magnetometer R4: Sensor frame, 5 pcs. built-in sensors, data logger (fixed to tube), 2 pcs. rechargeable batteries
– Drone DJI M350 with alla accessories (batteries, charging station, RC, case)
– Rugged case (W x D x H): 820 x 530 x 300 mm
– Peripherals: charger, case, USB memory stick with software
– Documentation: Certificate, manual
– PC software: MagDrone DataTool

Optional accessories
– GNSS receiver: External GPS input
– Reference station for data compensation
– Ground-based kit for use with an external GNSS receiver

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