• 23 Nov 2022
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Drones for Photogrammetric and LiDAR Surveys

After explaining what a drone is and what drones are used for, the differences between aerial, ground, and aquatic drones, we will delve into the use of drones in photogrammetric surveys.

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What are photogrammetric surveys and what are their advantages?

First of all, what are photogrammetric surveys?

Digital photogrammetry is a surveying technique that allows obtaining shape and position data of an object, structure, or building by acquiring two photographs generated from two different viewpoints using specific cameras.

Photogrammetry enables the simultaneous measurement of multiple points without direct contact with the object under survey, resulting in 3D models generated from the acquired data using specialized software.
Digital photogrammetry allows for:

  1. Efficiently acquiring a large amount of useful information in a short time
  2. Transforming the point cloud obtained into a 3D model

In addition to digital photogrammetry, LiDAR technology, an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging, has also found extensive use in metric surveys. LiDAR measures distances using lasers and provides three-dimensional data on the surrounding environment of the object under survey.

What are the advantages of LiDAR technology?

LiDAR technology guarantees effective surveys, ultra-precise and reliable measurements, high detection resolution, ease of use, and reduced operational time compared to other technologies used in this type of survey. When applied to drones, LiDAR technology has found widespread use in terrain mapping and precise surveys in the construction sector, as it enables highly accurate and reliable reconstruction of building or structure morphology.
One of the decisive advantages that has greatly influenced the use of LiDAR technology is its ability to collect data even in the presence of vegetation or coverings, which is not possible with photogrammetry.

Photogrammetric Data and LiDAR Data

Photogrammetry and LiDAR technology demonstrate significant advantages in terms of time, precision, and performance, even compared to GNSS systems and traditional surveying methods. A crucial difference in choosing between photogrammetry and LiDAR technology concerns the type of mission. Unlike photogrammetry, LiDAR technology is much more effective in surveys characterized by dense vegetation because LiDAR pulses can penetrate through and reach the ground. These are data that cannot be acquired with photogrammetry.

LiDAR technology also proves effective in missions characterized by insufficient lighting, adverse weather conditions, or involving the survey of objects such as cables or pipelines.
Regardless of the pros and cons, there are ongoing efforts to integrate stereoscopic images and the corresponding point clouds obtained with LiDAR.

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UAV mdLiDAR: Integrated System on a Drone for 3D Point Cloud Production

I sistemi integrati Microdrones consentono di raccogliere dati in modo efficiente e sicuro, risparmiando Microdrones’ integrated systems allow for efficient and safe data collection, cost and time savings in data processing. By combining LiDAR technology, drones, and software, they ensure maximum geomatics productivity.
Microdrones offers three families of integrated systems:

  1. mdLiDAR (LiDAR)
  2. mdMapper (photogrammetry)
  3. mdTECTOR (gas leak detection)

mdLiDAR and mdMapper enable:

  • Fornire stime di progetto accurate;
  • Accurate project estimates
  • Creation of maps, models, 2D, and 3D representations
  • Highly precise mapping
  • Rapid inspection of structures and sites
  • Project monitoring

The UAV mdLiDAR solutions are also available in the Drone as a Service model, offering advantageous packages and various payment options starting from €1000 per month.

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