Civil Engineering / Transducer for crack monitoring, Load Tests and flat jacks tests


Transducer for crack monitoring, Load Tests and flat jacks tests

The isplacement transducers commonly used for the automatic and continuous acquisition of measurements during structural monitoring or load tests.
Completely made of stainless steel, they can be equipped with eyelets for wall fixing or with spring testator for load tests with suitable support bracket and telescopic stand. Available with different measurement ranges.

The electronic crack meter consists of a potentiometric-type displacement sensor that detects changes in position between two points straddling a lesion or a joint.
It is made entirely of aluminum, nylon and stainless steel and is equipped with self-aligning joints and a whole range of optional accessories for correct installation even in the most difficult cracking situations (cracks at corners, edges, etc.).
The electric crack meter is a valid tool for manual or automatic control of the measurements of small displacements.
The data can be read through the use of a portable control unit or through an automatic data acquisition system designed to carry out continuous monitoring.


• Automation of multi-base strain gauge measurements
• Measurement of vertical deformations of piles during load tests
• Joint measurements
• Reading of deformations during tests with flat jacks
• Injuries in buildings of historical and artistic interest
• Monitoring of civil and industrial buildings
• Fractures in rock masses
• Joints in dams, bridges and viaducts
• Management of alarms and safety on construction sites
• Control of consolidation works


• Ease of installation
• Reliability even for prolonged monitoring over time
• Good resolution and accuracy
• Manual or automatic readings
• Measuring range up to 150 mm
• IP65 / IP68 protection degree
• Compact and robust construction in stainless steel

Both types of sensors are compatible with the “NB-IoT 5G DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM” and with the “NOVALog” data acquisition control unit.


• Type of sensor: Potentiometric
• Range: 50 mm
• Linearity: +/- 0.1% F.S.
• Resolution: Dependent on the reading system
• Repeatability: 0.01 mm
• Output signal: Voltage, 4-20 mA
• Protection: IP65
• Maximum applicable voltage: 40 Volts
• Operating temperature: -20….+ 80 ° C
• Maximum applicable current: <10 mA
• Diameter: 16 mm
• Material: Stainless Steel


• Type of sensor: Potentiometric
• Type of installation: Suitable for any environmental situation
• Range: 50 (100 and 150 mm strokes available on request)
• Material: Stainless steel
• Linearity: <0.1% F.S.
• Resolution: Dependent on the reading system
• Repeatability: 0.01 mm
• Protection: IP68
• Output signal: Voltage
• Operating temperature: -20….+ 80 ° C


• 50 mm displacement transducer
• Fitting for attachment to the head of strain gauges
• Signal cable
• Support bracket (optional)


• NOVA-FS 50 electronic crack meter (100 and 150 mm range available on request)
• Aligned joints
• Extension rods in stainless steel
• Ground or rock anchors

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