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Digital flow sensor

The NOVA-2G digital flow-meter allows to measure the flow rate of fluid passing through a pipeline, and to read this reading comfortably directly on the display of the acquisition unit or on the display of NOVALog.
The operating principle is based on causing a variation in the speed of the fluid flowing between two successive sections of the pipeline examined, by interposing a pipe with a smaller section. Inside this extension there is an impeller valve, through which the speed of the fluid and consequently the flow rate passing through is calculated.
The digital flow-meter displays the accumulated flow and the instantaneous flow rate.


  • Measure the flow rate in the pressure pipes;
  • Evaluate the volume increase of the flexible tanks during the load tests.

• Measurement range: 2-200 l / min;
• Connectors: 1 and ½ ”male connection;
• Output: 4-20 mA or pulse output;
• Accuracy: +/- 3%;
• Material: Sensor body in plastic material;
• Operative temperature: -20 … + 70 ° C;
• Adapter: UNI45.

• NOVA-2G acquisition unit;
• Flow meter with impeller valve;
• N.2 pipe pieces;
• Rigid flight case.

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