Geodesy / V200 GNSS RTK SYSTEM


V200 GNSS RTK Receiver brings superior performance and high efficiency to support your fieldwork with reliable solutions. Its deployment of the advanced RTK engine and new-generation 9-axis IMU guarantees a 25% performance improvement even in the most demanding environments. Thus you can count on Hi-Target V200 for better productivity.

Equipped with the High-Performance Patch Antenna, enhances the low elevation angle tracking capabilities and keeps it maintaining a high gain for higher elevation satellites while tracking low-elevation satellites.

Hi-Target Hi-Fix enables continuous connectivity and quality results even if you lose the signal while using the RTK base station or VRS network under extreme circumstances.

It can bring accurate and reliable results and boost efficient fieldwork with self-developed built-in IMU and core algorithm.



  • 8 mm H/ 15 mm V Real-time kinematic precision
  • 800+ Channels
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS, QZSS, SBAS, IRNSS Signal tracking
  • Support multi-protocol radio Receive & Transmit
  • 8 mm +0.7 mm / °tilt
  • Tilt Survey Performance

Equipped with an ultra-light EPP material instrument case of a high anti-strong impact, shock and impact resistance and a centering rod that can be contracted to 1.25 m, making it durable and portable in the fieldwork.

The iHand55 Handheld Controller is a professional field controller with a big vision. Adopting a full-keyboard design, iHand55 supports the fast charge. The updated screen is readable in direct sunlight. More features of the latest Hi-Survey Road Software contribute to achieving high intelligence. Keeping robust and reliable in fieldwork under any conditions, iHand55 is a perfect choice for your survey work.

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