Monitoring Systems / Compression or tensile tests, electric or hydraulic load cells.


For compression or tensile tests, electric or hydraulic load cells

The electric load cells are widely used in the fields of geotechnics and civil engineering. There are various models, all available with appropriate full scale.


“S” load cells are mounted on laboratory testing machines (cutting machine, compression testing machine, etc.) when an automatic data acquisition system is used and are used for measure the forces to which the samples to be tested are subjected.


Compression load cells are used, for example, to measure the load during load tests on poles. Used together with electric displacement transducers and data acquisition systems, they allow real-time graphing and display of load / sag deformation curves.


During the execution of consolidation works and securing of rocky walls, for the cortical strengthening generally the walls are covered with rockfall metal meshes. The tensile load cells are used to control the tension of the metal reinforcing cables and the containment of these metal nets so as to always have the effectiveness of the realized work under control.

  • Stainless steel execution;
  • Measurement range: 10-20 tons;
  • Nominal sensitivity: 2 mV / V;
  • Combined error: +/- 0.1% FS;
  • Power supply: 2-15 VDC;
  • Plywood temperature range: -10 … + 50 ° C;
  • Admitted overload: 150% FS;
  • Protection class: IP67.

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