Monitoring Systems / GPRS DATALOGGER


Modular Datalogger for long-term monitoring with GPRS module for remote data management

Data logger unit for geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring. It is the main component of the system, used to acquire and transmit data from the various sensors and to transmit them autonomously to a server through the integrated GPRS modem. The server receives the data, processes them and makes them available on the web platform accessible by the user through userID and password. Access to the system takes place with a normal internet browser and does not require any installation on the PC.

The following functions are available directly on the WEB portal:
• Reading of the requested variables
• Graphical trend of the measures
• Export of data in various formats
• Alarm management
• Storage of alarm events

• Monitoring landslides
• Geotechnical and structural monitoring
• Monitoring of tunnels, dams, bridges and viaducts
• Automated alarm management

Main features:
• No software installation required
• Possibility of simultaneously managing different types of sensors
• Possibility of power supply with photovoltaic panel
• Transmission of alarms via SMS or email

Technical Specifications:
• No. of analogue inputs: main board with 4 inputs (expandable with modules of 4 or 8 inputs each)
• Type of analog inputs: 4-20 mA, 0-5 Volt, mV / V
• Resolution: 12 or 16 bit
• Digital inputs: n. 2 (counters or pulse counter)
• Accuracy: <0.1% F.S. or <0.02% F.S.
• Power supply: 12-24 Vdc with 7Ah buffer battery
• Outputs: n. 2 relays for activating external devices (traffic light, siren, etc.)
• Interface: RS485 for connecting the expansions
• Environmental conditions: temperature: -20 … + 70 ° C – relative humidity: 5 … 95%
• Modem: integrated quad-band GPRS
• Container: IP65 polyester cabinet

• 4 or 8 channel expansions
• 220 Vac mains power supply
• Photovoltaic panel
• External and / or amplified reception antenna

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