Through-coating Ultrasonic Thickness gauge

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT-1M is used for operational non-destructive testing of the thickness of products with one-way access, at the moment this method is the most common in the world for solving such tasks.

The method is based on the property of materials to conduct ultrasound, ultrasonic wawes are excited with the piezoceramic plate in the transducer and penetrates into the material through the couplant, then reflected from the bottom surface of the tested sample, and returns to the transducer. Based on the obtained sound transit time in the material, the device calculates the thickness in accordance with the velocity of propagation of ultrasonic waves in the test sample. The thickness value is displayed on the device’s display, the measurement process takes about 1 second.

NOVOTEST Lab is your real laboratory in your pocket! Optionally with UT-1M (Lab) model only!
The results of measurement, adjustment, calibration and testing reports of the ultrasonic thickness gauge in smartphone – the innovative NOVOTEST application for smartphones based on Android.
The functions of devices have no been so wide before! With the Bluetooth connection, your smartphone is able to control all the functionality of the NOVOTEST ultrasonic thickness gauge without wires. The intuitive interface of the application itself, access to the Internet, email and instant messengers, touch screen, camera, microphone and GPS receiver of the mobile device make the use of NOVOTEST devices much more convenient and versatile.


With NOVOTEST Lab App you are able:
– setting and calibration of the thickness gauge;
– display of measurement results in real time in numerical form with the construction of a graph, histogram or statistics;
– take a picture of the test object with the puting of thickness marks;
– creation of a video of the controlled product;
– recording audio notes for the tested object;
– automatic saving of measurement geolocation on Google Maps;
– displaying a Google map with markers of places of measurements made on it and the ability to view these measurements;
– displaying the calendar of measurements (presentation of the archive in the form of measurements grouped by date);
– formation of the final comprehensive report on the measurement;
– sending a finished report to e-mail, messenger (or in any convenient way) directly from the application;
– flexible structure of the archive of measurements – completely similar to the usual explorer, with the ability to create folders and files with any names;
– synchronization with PC and other smartphones;
– cloud service for storing the archive of measurements;
– automatic and manual synchronization of cloud measurement archives between devices;
– launching the Google navigation mode, building a route and accompanying to the point at which the measurements were made
– the ability to store archives of other devices with Bluetooth in one application.

The main advantages of the Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT-1M:

To measure products in a wide range with one transducer, unlike most similar devices, the Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT-1M has a gain control function, which allows operator, for example, with a 5 MHz transducer, to measure steel products in the range from 0.5 to 500 mm and more. Using other probes the full measurement range is up to 1500 mm for steel.

To visualize the product profile, if necessary not only point measurement, but also scanning, a B-scan is implemented in the device, which allows the user to visually see thinning and thickening of the wall of the testing object.
Also, for ease of use, the device has an automatic defect alarm function, its meaning is that the operator can select boundary thickness values ​​(minimum and maximum) when crossing the values ​​of which the device will signal through the speaker, and also give a visual signal.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT-1M has the ability to save transducer’s parameters (delay line, V-correction, etc.), and also has reference values ​​for the wave velocities of many often measured materials stored in devices’s memory, which allows the user to blindly (without reference data and a sample material for calculating speed) to measure various products with one-way access.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT-1M is made in an ergonomic shockproof case, the silicone cover of which prevents the device from malfunctioning in case of a dropped down to floor or ground. Also, the device can be used in extreme climatic conditions, the temperature range of operating conditions is from -20 to +50 ° С.

The device allows user to record the measurement results in the archive of the device, and subsequently transfer them to a PC using special software

● Measuring thicknesses range on steel, mm: 0.4 … 1500 or more
– Probe 10MHz: 0.4-15
– Probe 10MHz: 0.45-300
– Probe 5MHz: 0.8-500
– Probe 2,5MHz: 2.5-1000
– Probe 2MHz: 3-1200
– Probe 1,25MHz: 4-1500

● Probe dimensions, mm:
– Probe 10MHz: 4×9×60
– Probe 10MHz: D12×15
– Probe 5MHz: D17×20
– Probe 2,5MHz: D20×21
– Probe 2MHz: D30×28
– Probe 1,25MHz: D30×35

● Dimensions of probe contact area/crystal, mm:
– Probe 10MHz: 2×7/2×3
– Probe 10MHz: D9/D6
– Probe 5MHz: D14/D10
– Probe 2,5MHz: D16/D12
– Probe 2MHz: D24/D20
– Probe 1,25MHz: D24/D20

● Optional probes:
– 5MHz high-temperature probe (echo) 10/2: range 0,8 – 300 mm, surface temperature up to 250 °С/482 °F
– 2,5MHz probe (echo-echo) 12/2 for through coating: range 6 – 30 mm, coating thickness range – up to 1 mm
– 5MHz probe (echo-echo) 10/2 for through coating: range 3,5 – 26 mm, coating thickness range – up to 1 mm
– 10MHz probe (echo-echo) 6/2 for through coating: range 2 – 12 mm, coating thickness range – up to 0,6 mm
– 5MHz probe (echo-echo) 10/2 for through coating, underwater, 10 m cable: range 3,5 – 26 mm, coating thickness range – up to 1 mm
– 5MHz probe (echo-echo) 10/2 for through coating, underwater, 20 m cable: range 3,5 – 26 mm, coating thickness range – up to 1 mm
– 5MHz probe (echo-echo) 10/2 for through coating, underwater, 30 m cable: range 3,5 – 26 mm, coating thickness range – up to 1 mm

● Compatible probe types: Ultrasonic, dual-element, longitudinal waves (including probes of other manufacturers)
● Compatibility with Active EMAT Transducer EMAT-A1: No
● Probe cable connector type: 2 Lemo 00
● Probe cable length, m: 1,2
● Measurement scales:
– mm (m/s)
– inch (inch/μs)

● Measurement resolution, mm/inch:
– 0.01/0.001
– (0.01/0.0001 by request)

● Basic measurement accuracy, mm: ± (0,01 T+0.05)
● Gain range, dB: ± 20
● Response time, with no more than, s: 1
● Setting range of the ultrasonic velocity, m/s: 1000-17000
● Preset velocities for materials: Steel (8 different grades), Aluminum, Iron, Cast Iron, Zinc, Chromium, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Nickel, Tungsten, Tin, Lead, Molybdenum, Manganese, Magnesium, Rubber, Polystyrene, Plexiglas, Capron, Caprolon, ED-5, Ebonite, Porcelain, Teflon, Textolite, Silicate Glass, Acrylic glass, User
● Operating modes:
– Normal
– B-scan
– Control mode

● Standards
– ASTM E797
– EN 14127
– EN15317

● Body type/Dust and moisture protection level
– Plastic, with shockproof silicone case
– Standard for shop and field operation
– IP54

● Calibration thickness block on the body: 6 mm (Steel/6080 m/s)
● Storage capacity of measurement results: UT-1M (Lab) – 128 in the device + in NOVOTEST Lab App limited only by the memory of the Android gadgets
● Measurement archives
– Device menu
– Android smartphone/tablet
– Cloud storage/PC
– Excel (CSV)

● Menu languages: English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian (other languages optional)
● Operating environment:
– Temperature:-20°C~40°C
– Humidity: 30%~80%R.H.

● Power supply: DC 3V (2 pcs standard batteries AA)
● Time of continuous work hours, not less, h: 25
● Charging: External charger for 2pcs AA batteries
● Weight of electronic unit with batteries, no more, kg: 0.25
● Overall dimensions, mm: 120x60x25
● Package weight, kg: 1.5
● Package dimensions, cm: 33*27*10
● Warranty
– Basic: 12 months for electronic unit; 6 months for probes
– Extended (optional): up to 3 years

Basic” kit:
– Electronic unit Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT-1M (Lab)
– Probe/transducer (echo) – 1 pc for choice: (2.5MHz, 5MHz or 10MHz)

● Accessory package:
– AA batteries – 2 pcs
– Charger
– USB cable for PC
– PC software:
– NOVOTEST LAB App for Android gadgets
– Operating manual/Quick guide
– Transportation plastic case

“Advanced” kit:
– Electronic unit Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT-1M/UT-1M (Lab)
– 5MHz (echo) probe 10/2
– 5MHz (echo-echo) probe 10/2 or 5MHz high-temperature (echo) probe 10/2
– Step Wedge Thickness Calibration Block 10-20-30-40-50 mm (or another)
– Accessory package

“Expert” kit:
– Electronic unit Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT-1M/UT-1M (Lab)
– 1.25MHz (echo) probe 20/2 or 2MHz (echo) probe 20/2
– 5MHz (echo) probe 10/2 or 10MHz (echo) probe 6/2
– 5MHz (echo-echo) probe 10/2
– 5MHz high-temperature probe 10/2
– Step Wedge Thickness Calibration Block 10-20-30-40-50 mm (or another)
– Ultrasonic couplant gel (optionally)
– Accessory package

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