Industrial Engineering / Electromagnetic Yoke for Magnetic Particle Testing


Electromagnetic Yoke for Magnetic Particle Testing

Functions & Features
– Power supply: AC 220V, 50-60 Hz (Available 110V / 240V and etc.)
– New design with more durable shell, long service life in high temperature and complicated environment
– Available built-in UV light, built-in white light
– Small volume, light weight, large lifting force, and adaptable joint
– Detecting of the weld bead, steel pipe, pressure vessel, and the parts with complicated figure
– This model has applied for national patent technology

– Widely used in Oil filed, Boat making, Car making, Coal mine, Machine, Medicine, Airplane making and internal combustion engine parts etc.
– Fit to the detecting for the surface defecting caused by Forge, Quenching, Welding, Fatigue, etc.

Technical Parameters
– Model: Y1
– Power supply: Alternating Current & Direct Current
– Input voltage: AC 220V, 50-60 Hz (Optional: 110V, 240V)
– Working power: AC 2.2A, DC 1.5A
– Magnetization pole distance: 0-220 mm
– Lift weight: >7Kg (AC), >22.2Kg (DC)
– Work period: 5 seconds on -5 seconds off
– Temperature: -10…50 °C
– Overall dimension: 140x230x45 mm
– Net Weight: 3,0 Kg (Yoke and DC power supply)

Standard accessories:
– Main machine
– Input electric cable
– DC Magnetized power supply
– Charger
– Box
– Manual
– Certificate

Optional Accessories:
– Built-in UV light
– Built-in white light
– Various types of probes with different angles

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