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GPR HF/LF antennas for “Air Coupled” surveys with drone

In most cases, GPR surveys are a hard work and can be very dangerous for field personnel due to harsh topographic environments and weather conditions. This is where drones come into play.

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They are lightweight (compared to a manned airplane or a helicopter), easily transportable by car and capable of flying autonomously at low altitudes with high precision. Such approach assures delivery of accurate survey results, is also safer for personnel and more time-efficient.
A GPR mounted on a drone enables to see through the surface of ground, ice, rocks, freshwater, and buildings or through structures at unsafe and hazardous environments without compromising the safety of staff, providing an additional solution for more efficient surveying.

Examples of applications include:

  • Investigations on uneven ground
  • Geological surveys for soil layer profiling
  • Mapping of underground infrastructure
  • UXO military mapping
  • Glacier surveys
  • Bathymetry of fresh water

Thanks to the possibility of associating different types of antenna to the drone, it is possible to obtain detailed and high resolution analyzes as well as geological depth investigations.

Drone GPR models available:

  • NOVAdrone P800 CBD GPR 200/400/800 MHz
    Use: surface applications and search for small targets;
    Payload: 5,5 kg;
    Depth: 2 m (depends on the flight altitude and the characteristics of the subsoil).
  • NOVAdrone P800 Low-frequency GPR plug-in SE-model 70MHz / 150MHz
    Use: geological depth analysis;
    Payload: 3-4 kg;
    Depth: 10-80 m (depends on the flight altitude and the characteristics of the subsoil).

Model CBD (HF):
NOVAdrone P800 CBD GPR, 3 Multi Frequency Antennas 200/400/800 MHz with operating band 50-1400 MHz, Wireless 2 channel GPR-kit.
Complete GPR-kit including Post Processing Software adapted for NOVAdrone P800.

Model Plug-In (LF):
NOVAdrone P800 PLUG-IN GPR-system, Wireless Real Time Sampling 32-bit GPR for deep geological applications.
SE-70 has a centre frequency of 80 MHz and can penetrate the ground more – up to 80 meters in good conditions (ice or dry sand);
SE-150 has a centre frequency of 124 MHz and penetration up to 40 meters in good conditions, however, the resolution is much better.

NOVAdrone P800 RTK for GPR:

  • NOVAHub Data logging computer for GPR (mounted on the drone to log data from GPR and allows to control GPR from the ground station);
  • Redundant automatic terrain following system, allows to follow terrain with very high precision on low altitude using ultrasonic or radar sensor;
  • Ground station control software.

Table summarizing the main characteristics of the GPR-drone integrated system COBRA PLUG-IN ANTENNAS SUBECHO MODELS.

Frequency range:

  • CBD: 50-1400 MHz
  • SE-70: 20-140 MHz
  • SE-150: 20-280 MHz


  • CBD: 1350 MHz
  • SE-70: 120
  • SE-150: 260

Centre frequency, MHz:

  • CBD: 500 MHz
  • SE-70: 80 MHz
  • SE-150: 124 MHz

Size (L x W x H):

  • CBD: 60 x 52 x 29 cm
  • SE-70: 139 x 15 x 21 cm
  • SE-150: 92 x 22 x 22 cm


  • CBD: 5,5 kg
  • SE-70: 3,7 kg
  • SE-150: 3,5 kg

Approximate flight time:

  • CBD: 25 min
  • SE-70: 35 min
  • SE-150: 40 min

Cobra CBD Antennas: 3 multi frequency antennas 200/400/800 MHz with operating band 50-1400 MHz (or) Cobra Plug-In GPR Antennas 70MHz / 150 MHz

  • Integrated Li-Ion battery;
  • Control Mission Software;
  • Data logging computer for GPR (including onboard software) to log data from GPR and allows to control GPR from the ground station;
  • Redundant automatic terrain following option. Allow to follow terrain with very high precision on low altitude using ultrasonic or radar sensor;
  • n.2 battery set 12S;
  • Data acquisition software Cobra DAQ;
  • Post processing software PRISM 2.59;
  • USB disk with manual, software and documents;
  • Cobra DAQ Mesa2 Geo / Ultra PC Control Unit;
  • Rock solid transportation flight case with custom precut foam for drone.

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