Geophysics / Rover for automated surveys thanks to the integration of sensors such as georadar, laser scanner, gps and other customizations on request

NOVArover 900S GPR

NOVAro900S is the first mobile skid-steering robot with rubber tracks and an advanced suspension system to be used for a wide variety of applications and also in critical conditions in the field of surveys and surveys in the fields of engineering, geodesy and geophysics. It can be used as a robot with automatic mission planning for georadar surveys, 3d surveys, mapping, inspections on cavities and inaccessible sites, monitoring of agricultural plants, inspections, surveillance or for industrial applications.

NOVArover 900S can be configured with georadar, laser scanner or LiDAR, GNSS RTK receiver, RGB-D camera, encoder or other integrations according to the survey needs.

This product can be rented.

NOVArover 900S has several shock absorbers with preload adjusters to allow the entire truck configuration to adapt to the ground profile while minimizing vibrations.

Thanks to its rubber rails, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and its payload (90 Kg) allows you to add additional devices and laptops. The high ground clearance allows the vehicle to overcome obstacles such as rocks and debris.

The control platform and autonomous navigation is entrusted to the Pixhawk software, while NOVAplanner is the software that manages the automatic mission and allows you to control the position with centimeter accuracy and in real time thanks to the GNSS RTK receiver.

  • Overall Dimensions: 747x755x480 mm
  • Weight: 90 Kg
  • Torque: 45 Nm
  • Max Payload: 90 Kg
  • Max Speed: 1 m/s
  • Driving System: Skid-steering
  • Locomotion System: Tracks with suspensions
  • Control Specifications: Value Sensors GPS, IMU, Encoders
  • Battery pack: Lithium 24VDC 30Ah
  • Drive Module: 2WD 24V DC Motors with Encoders
  • Motor controller: Dual Channel Motor Controller
  • I/Os: 6x Digital/PWM/Analog Input, RS232
  • Run Time: 4 hours for normal use
  • Software: ROS Node, C/C++ Libraries

Optional accessories and possible additions:

  • GNSS receiver (base + rover)
  • Thermal imaging camera

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