SonReb Method (SC-MG-UT)


“SonReb method – Sclerometric (SC), Magnetometric (MG) and Ultrasonic (UT) investigations” – cod. SONREB

According to the RINA RC / C18 Regulation for the certification of personnel in charge of non-destructive, semi-destructive tests on concrete structures, reinforced and prestressed concrete, masonry.

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    13-16 october 2020

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    The course

    The course includes the study of the methodology, the analysis of case studies, practical exercises with subsequent processing of data for preparation for the 2nd level RINA exam.


    General information on the main Survey Methodologies applied to concrete.

    The use of non-destructive experimental techniques for the evaluation of the consistency of buildings. Peculiar aspects of the main non-destructive tests.

    The importance of the levels of competence of the technicians working in the field of Non-Destructive Controls.

    Tasks, duties and responsibilities of certified personnel on non-destructive tests, liv. 1 and 2.

    Qualification and certification system according to the “Rina” Regulations.

    The control on cements and aggregates according to current regulations (UNI EN 197 – UNI EN 1260 – UNI EN 8520-2).

    Notes on the concrete literature and evaluation of the mechanical properties of concrete.

    Evaluation of the characteristic strength of the concrete by compression test.

    Determination of the experimental correlation curves between the rebound index and the strength of the concrete.

    The sclreometric method for the control of concrete on the new as a comparison method.

    Identification of the reinforcements inside the concrete castings by means of a pacometric survey.

    Dimensional variations of the concrete. The corrosion of the irons in reinforced concrete. Durability of concrete (UNI 11104 and UNI EN 206-1).

    Ultrasonic Investigation and SonReb Method.

    Limits of survey methodologies.

    Choice and preparation of the test surface.

    Execution of the tests with expression of the results.

    Evaluation of the results obtained.


    The compulsory and optional tests.

    The relationship to completed structures.

    Static testing.


    Data processing and reporting.

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    Need more information about this course?

    Fill out the form below with your information, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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