Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Magnetic particles Course – (MT)

Certification of NDT Operators Level 1 & 2 – Industrial Sector

  • Bologna
  • 21-25 september 2020

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    The course

    Any Organizations that wish to obtain certification for their own personnel must provide RINA with the following information:
    a) Organization’s name;
    b) reference standard;
    c) number of persons to qualify;
    d) industrial sectors, methods and requested levels;
    e) a copy of the candidate’s certificate attesting attendance to the training course with relevant training programme; training must be mandatorily be provided by level 3 qualified personnel for the requested methods and must meet the minimum requirements foreseen by the standard;
    f) a declaration of the minimum required experience in the methods for which certification is requested (if foreseen by the reference standard);
    g) documentation attesting that the medical fitness requirements of the personnel to be qualified are satisfied, in accordance with the reference standard;
    h) Written Practice for certificates requested in accordance with SNT-TC-1A.

    Information and prices

    Date: 21-25 september 2020

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