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Mechanical Rock Test Hammer

The GEOSTONE mechanical test hammer is the only instrument available on the market today that can provide correlation between the rebound hardness scale values measured and the compression resistance of the rock tested.

Using the GEOSTONE rock rebound hammer to analyse rock is a valid non-destructive testing method that can be carried out on site to evaluate the surface hardness of the material.

Non-destructive testing methods are employed to evaluate, within the limitations of the procedure itself, the compression resistance of natural rock materials on site.

The GEOSTONE rock rebound hammer is a valuable and easy to use instrument that produces accurate and reliable data about the quality of the material tested.

  • Impact energy: 0,705 Nm;
  • Limitations: Sp. > 70mm;
  • Measuring range: 10-200 N/mm2;
  • Weight: 1,5 Kg;
  • Reference standards: ASTM D5873-00-UNI EN 12504-2.

Equipped with the following accessories:

  • Operation manual;
  • Abrasive grinding wheel;
  • 30mm long measuring position template;
  • Padded case;
  • Calibration certificate;
  • Pencil;
  • Transport safety cap.

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