• 26 Aug 2021
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What are the best topographic instruments for sale?

In recent decades, technological advancements have allowed for the design and development of increasingly reliable, accurate, precise, and user-friendly surveying instruments, simplifying the surveying operations for surveyors. The high quality standard of performance in the latest generation of surveying instruments enables precise measurements, reducing the value of uncertainty. Furthermore, the power of these instruments allows surveyors to work in complex contexts, such as rugged and inaccessible locations.

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Consider, for example, the impact of surveying instruments in the archaeological sector. Archaeological surveys are extremely complex, as archaeological remains have irregular shapes, and excavations inherently limit the movement of operators. In this particular field, surveying instruments have enabled the graphical reconstruction of ancient buildings with utmost precision, even when very few traces remain. The versatility of surveying instruments, understood as a combination of user-friendly technology and measurement accuracy, has allowed their application in various fields, such as architecture and monitoring for risk management and mitigation.

Among the most commonly used surveying instruments are total stations and GNSS receivers. A total station is a surveying instrument that combines two theodolites, enabling simultaneous measurement of angles, distances, height differences, and calculation of point coordinates. A GNSS receiver is a device that utilizes satellite systems for positioning.

Choosing the right total station or GNSS receiver can be challenging, and it is always advisable to consult companies that can provide detailed guidance on technical specifications, functionalities, and applications. Novatest is a distributor of Sokkia brand surveying instruments throughout the national territory, partnering with a leading company in the industry. They offer a wide range of surveying instruments for sale and rental, catering to the needs of surveyors.

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