Topographic Surveys with Drones

    • 25 Jan 2023
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After exploring what a drone is and what it is used for, differentiating between aerial, ground, and aquatic drones, specifying the types of surveys that can be performed with drones, and illustrating the applications of drones with photogrammetry and LiDAR technology, this article will focus on the topic of topographic surveys with drones, highlighting the advantages of using this technology in the field of topography and geodesy.

First and foremost, it is worth emphasizing that the use of drones in the operations of topographic survey professionals has initially resulted in faster surveys, even in the case of large areas. The time and human resources saved in the surveying process add to other significant technical advantages over traditional methods of topographic surveying:

  • Accuracy of the topographic data
  • Increased quantity and quality of acquired data
  • Highly reliable and precise 3D reconstruction
  • Ability to reach inaccessible or vegetation-rich areas
  • Enhanced safety for topographic survey professionals

In essence, the use of drones guarantees significant time and cost savings, reduces the risk factor in activities, and enables work with highly reliable data. These are the reasons why many topographic survey professionals have preferred drones over traditional surveying instruments.

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Furthermore, the use of drones becomes practically necessary in certain circumstances, such as in otherwise inaccessible or hazardous areas or when a larger amount of detailed data is required from the topographic survey.
For example, the LiDAR technology allows efficient missions even in dense vegetation, insufficient lighting, and critical weather conditions, enabling the LiDAR pulse to reach the ground and collect otherwise unattainable data.

After outlining the main advantages of using drones in topographic surveys, we present two tools that will ensure maximum productivity in surveying operations.

Drone for Topographic Surveys: UAV mdLiDAR

UAV mdLiDAR is an integrated system for the production of optimized 3D point clouds specifically designed for topographic, construction, oil & gas, and mining applications.
It helps efficiently and safely collect data, reducing costs, saving time, and converting data into valuable information.
UAV mdLiDAR can also be rented. Novatest provides its expertise in the field of topographic surveys and supports you in training personnel for its use if necessary.

If you’re interested in getting to know the instrument’s features, its usage benefits, and all its application fields better, contact us!

Drone for Topographic Surveys: DJI M300 RTK + ZENMUSE L1 LiDAR

DJI M300 RTK + ZENMUSE L1 LiDAR ensures an unprecedented standard of intelligence, reliability, and performance, delivering highly precise point clouds for detailed reconstruction.
This all-in-one solution integrates a LiDAR module, an RGB camera, and a high-precision IMU, covering 2 square kilometers in a single flight and providing a high-density point cloud of 240,000 effective points per second.
DJI M300 RTK + ZENMUSE L1 LiDAR can also be rented. Novatest offers its expertise in the field of topographic surveys and provides support for personnel training if needed.

If you’re interested in getting to know the instrument’s features, its usage benefits, and all its application fields better, contact us!

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