• 30 May 2023
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Technologies for 3D Surveys: SLAM LiDAR Laser Scanner

3D surveys are digital processes that serve the purpose of representing all parts of an object. Through highly advanced technological tools, these surveys have found various applications, including civil and industrial structure design and monitoring, urban structure digitization, power plant and energy monitoring, naval and aerospace architecture, preservation of artistic heritage, and analysis of terrain morphology.

The cutting-edge instrumentation currently used to obtain 3D surveys allows for geometric description, analysis, and monitoring, generating useful data for the creation of point clouds and three-dimensional digital models. These technologies offer the advantage of reducing risks for operators who may be working in unsafe environments or challenging survey conditions, as data can be acquired quickly and accurately without any physical contact.

In general, new technologies for 3D surveys enable accurate and precise positioning of points on a site, reducing work time. Integrated software tools also allow for the processing of point clouds and their transformation into 3D models.

In this article, we would like to introduce the features of Novatest’s SLAM LIXEL X1, a scanner that combines the most innovative technologies in the field of 3D surveys, including LiDAR and SLAM technology.

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Technologies for 3D Surveys: LiDAR and SLAM

The acronym LiDAR stands for “Light Detection and Ranging,” which refers to a technology that measures the distance to an object by emitting a laser beam. The laser beam emitted by the LiDAR device hits the object and bounces back, returning to the device.

The acronym SLAM stands for “Simultaneous Localization and Mapping,” which refers to simultaneous localization and mapping. SLAM technology allows for mapping an unknown area in the absence of GNSS positioning signals.

Scanning an area using LiDAR and SLAM technology enables the surveying of the environment in the finest details, generating highly precise point clouds, even in complex or challenging environments.

Technologies for 3D Surveys: LIXEL X1

LIXEL X1 by Novatest is a portable slam laser scanner that incorporates LiDAR technology and features a 3D reconstruction algorithm that generates accurate colored point clouds and digital models.

It provides up to 60 minutes of continuous scanning and can resume scanning precisely from the interruption point.

Data is decoded in real-time, and the combination of visual scanning and laser scanning faithfully replicates the real environment.

If you are interested in learning more about the technical specifications of LIXEL X1 and the benefits of this laser scanner that combines SLAM and LiDAR technology, do not hesitate to contact us and request a free consultation.

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