Geodesy / Qmini A10 GIS Handheld

Qmini A10 GIS Handheld

Qmini A10 GIS Handheld provides a combination of Beidou high-precision positioning, dual-mode intercom, 4G smartphone, with background multi-network interconnection and other functions. It is small with complete functions and a high level of protection. Besides, it is a new type of rugged centimeter-level precision intelligent terminal product.

With 184-channel positioning chip and removable spiral GNSS antenna, Qmini A10 supports all constellations GPS/GLONASS/BDS/Galileo, and the positioning accuracy can reach 5cm.

Qmini A10 integrates UHF analog intercom and DMR digital intercom, communication distance can reach 5 km and support radio relay, special intercom button can improve work and cooperation efficiency.

Rugged design, FHD screen, super performance and long battery life.

The Qmini A10 (UWB) is full-equipped with the UWB technology, satisfying the needs of full-scene applications, featuring high precision and low power consumption.


  • Channels : 184
  • Accuracy performance: RTK Solution 2cm
  • OS platform: Android 8.1
  • Intercom distance: 5 KM
  • The capacity of battery: 5500 mAh
  • Operation time: 10-12 hours

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