Geodesy / Handheld SLAM Scanner


Lightweight and highly integrated, the LixelX1 real scene 3D reconstruction scanner next-generation SLAM technology allows you to obtain the colorized point cloud and generate accurate models directly.

The self-developed 3D real-time reconstruction algorithm of LixelX1 supports real-time data preview, model building while capturing data, and export for direct use without post-process, driving the digital era with breakthrough technologies.

United Design and Minimal Operation
LixelX1’s integrated design of LiDAR, visible-light camera, motion camera, high-precision inertial navigation technology, and high performance computing eliminates the tedious operation steps and makes your scan easier and simple. And the complex structure is of excellent heat-sinking capability.

Real-time Solution Takes the Lead
The real-time data decoding allows exporting the available data immediately after scanning, which is time-saving and efficient. And in the mobile software, you can monitor the reconstruction effect in real time to ensure the data quality.

Long-term Continuous Operation Breakpoint Scanning
60 minutes of ultra-long continuous operation time and high capability in resuming the scanning from the break-point.
No need for segmented scanning in large scenes and greatly improves the efficiency of measurement and data analysis.

Real-time Color Rendering
High-precision vision and laser fusion technology generate true color point clouds in real-time to twin the real world.

Robust and Reliable
With the industry-level of SLAM algorithm, the LixelX1 is used to generate high-precision point clouds for complicated areas like long corridors, tunnels, etc., and largely improves the stability of mapping for weak texture scenes.
Moreover, the cumulative error of multi-source data can be reduced significantly by combining the software solution.

Parametric Reconstruction
An intelligent point cloud registration algorithm based on feature extraction and matching generates the vectorized, lightweight, and editable parametric 3D model automatically.

One-stop Workflow
Various types of functions include multi-map registration, volume calculation, distance measurement, mileage statistics, track editing, and offline generation of mesh.

Everything is Monomer
Point cloud segmentation, semantic recognition, and editing of scenes and objects based on the deep learning of neural networks algorithm to perform sophisticated extraction of monomer.

A powerful and intelligent SW for real-time 3D modeling, viewing, and post-processing.

– Topographic Mapping
– Agriculture & Forestry Survey
– Engineering Survey
– Emergency Mapping
– Volume Calculation
– Underground Space

– Operation Range: 0.05 – 120 m
– Laser: Class 1/905nm
– Channels of Resolution: 16
– Accuracy: <2 cm
– FOV: 360 x 270°
– Points/s: 320,000
– Processing: Real-time processing
– Display: Live streaming point cloud
– Carrier: Handheld / Backpack / UAV
– Scanner Weight & Size: <1.9 kg (With Battery), 138×90×381mm
– Camera: Wide field×1, positioning×3
– Operation Temperature: -20°C – 50°C
– Battery Life: 1.5 h
– Single Scanning Time: 60 min
– Ingress Protection: IP54
– Storage Capacity: 1T SSD
– Point Cloud Format: .las, .laz, .e57
– Input Voltage: V-mount 46.8 Wh, 14.4 v battery
– Power Consumption: <30 w

– Lixel X1 Scanner SLAM
– Handle Tripod
– Battery x2
– Battery Charger
– GCP Benchmark
– Desktop software dongle
– Type C cable
– Bracket (*) for camera/RTK module
– RTK module (*)
– Camera (*)
– Transport case

(*) Optional

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