Technical Assistance

Novatest provides personalized support before and after the sale

The technical office is available to our customers at every stage of the purchase. From the choice of the most suitable instruments for the test, to the after-sales support till the assistance on site.

Our network of certified technicians and international distributors offers highly specialized technical advice and is available for any queries or questions about the instrumentation of interest.

Our team is constantly trained on new diagnostic technologies, in order to provide an effective and professional technical assistance service.

Our main services are:
– Training of the personnel in charge of Non-Destructive Controls
– Technical assistance for installation, maintenance and repair
– Assistance on site by our specialized technical staff

It is possible to fill in the form to get information about Novatest products or to ask technical questions concerning characteristics, performances, certifications and employment. Below is a series of tests for which we provide assistance.

  • Rebound hammer tests(SC)
  • Magnetometric tests (MG)
  • Sonic and Ultrasonic Tests (UT)
  • Flat jacks tests (MP)
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • In situ monitoring of concrete(MO)
  • Floor loading tests, foundation poles, plate, bridges and infrastructures (PC)
  • Pull-Out and Pull-Off Extraction Tests (EST)
  • Endoscopy Visual inspection(VI)
  • Infrared and thermal testing (TH)

Request for technical support or consulting

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