Web platform for the integrated management of Monitoring Systems with iNOVA wireless IoT devices


Smart Platform is a complete and modular web platform for monitoring and managing the network from a remote station.
Smart Platform allows you to implement platforms for real-time and continuous management for structures with particular attention to the integration of different components with intelligent monitoring features and structure safety.
For this purpose several sensor, installed in different positions of the building, provide real time data covering the entire structure.

• Structural monitoring;
• Monitoring of microclimate conditions and environmental quality: air temperature, average radiant temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, ultraviolet radiation, rain intensity, level snow accumulated;
• Air quality monitoring: concentration of pollutant gases, particulate concentration;
• Monitoring of the intensity of ionizing radiation: alpha radiation level resulting from the presence of radon, radiation level derived from the presence of radioactive material;
• Monitoring the level of noise pollution: noise level in dB (A) and weighted equivalent continuous sound level [Leq (A)];
• Monitoring the level of electromagnetic pollution: level radiofrequency fields, level alternating magnetic fields and continuous;
• Monitoring the intensity of odor concentration resulting from odorous gases or vapors;
• Monitoring for security (video, access management);
• Localization of people and things;
• Monitoring the safety (presence of flammable gases, fire, water);
• Monitoring the occupation of reserved parking spaces of the building.

• Localization sensors;
• Data acquisition;
• Setting loop of acquisition data;
• Setting alarm thresholds and allert by SMS or mail;
• Graphical reports daily, weekly, monthly and customized;
• Export graphics (.png, .jpg, .pdf, .SVG);
• Data export (.csv).

The data collected by the sensors are sent to the data center that processes them and puts them at the disposal of vertical applications. All sensors are connected to the network SmartBuilding iNova Network, the only able to operate with devices powered by batteries.

Structural monitoring:
• Potentiometric displacement transducers
• inclinometers

Environmental monitoring:
• Air temperature
• Relative humidity air
• Mean radiant temperature
• Air speed
• Wind direction
• Atmospheric pressure
• Solar radiation
• Ultraviolet radiation
• Intensity rain
• Level snowy accumulated
• Atmospheric discharges
• Brightness environmental
• Occupancy Sensors
• Sensors radiation from radon
• Sensors monitor sound level
• Sensors electromagnetic pollution


Access Smart Platform:

• Geolocation of the sensors on the map 3d;
• Setting up the “Loop” acquisition;
• Set the “Zero Point”;
• Setting the alarm thresholds;
• Display widget with last measurement acquired;
• Graphical display and analysis of data daily, weekly, monthly and customizable;
• Export .png graphic (picture), jpeg (picture), PDF (document), svg (vector image);
• Export data in CSV format.

Alarm thresholds alerts via Mail (included) or SMS (surcharge).




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