For monitoring ground movements or structures


The In-place Inclinometer consists of a tilt sensor (or two tilt sensors mounted at 90° in the biaxial version) mounted inside a stainless steel tube through two coasters each equipped with a pair of wheels, inserted inside the tube inclinometer to continuously measure the deformation.
Generally connected to one another through a stainless steel cable in order to form a column of instruments, the In-place Inclinometers are used in continuous monitoring of landslides and soil movements in general, but also in structural control of dams, walls, bulkheads, poles, masts, etc. The probe allows you to attach a stainless steel cable for the placement into the hole and for possible recovery. All mechanical parts, including the pair of coasters with wheels, are made completely in stainless steel AISI 316. The compartment that contains sensors and conditioning electronics is completely covered in resin to ensure maximum durability against water infiltration.
Novatest also provides all the accessories for the correct installation of tools within the inclinometric tube columns (stainless steel suspension cable, suspension, stainless screws and nuts, etc.).


• Probe dimensions: diameter 30 mm, length 1400 mm
• Distance between wheels: 1000 mm
• Probe body material: AISI 316 steel
• Material of trolleys and wheels: AISI 316 steel
• Sensor type: biaxial MEMS inclinometer
• Measuring range: from +/- 5 ° to +/- 20 °
• resolution: 0.005 ° Accuracy: <+/- 0.1% F.S.
• Supply voltage: 12-15 Vdc
• Output signal: 4-20 mA with 3 wires
• Operating temperature: -10 … + 40 ° C
• Long-term stability: <0.05 °




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