Water level meters


The phreatimeters are used for monitoring the level of groundwater in open tube piezometers, Casagrande and wells.
The tip mounted on the lower end of the cable, as soon as it comes into contact with water, emits an acoustic signal and turns on a led: the level reading is read directly on the graduated cable (centimeter or millimeter).

• Level measurements in Casagrande piezometers, open tube and wells;
• Level measurements in canals, lakes and reservoirs;
• Measurement of groundwater level in landslides, tunnels, excavations or dams;
• Water temperature measurements.

• Acoustic signaller (with buzzer) and visual (via LED) for reaching the water level;
• On and off switch;
• Adjustment of tip sensitivity;
• Probe diameter 12 mm;
• Power supply with 9 Volt battery;
• Cable reel in plastic material equipped with brake and tip holder.

Novatest phreatimeters can be supplied with a centimetrated round cable or with a millimeter flat cable.
The temperature sensor can also be integrated on the probe tip.
A version with integrated display is available for reading the temperature and a device for signaling the reaching of the bottom of the well.


• Models: Round cable cable, Flat cable phreatirmeter, Thermo- phreatirmeter (round cable)
• Signaling device: Acoustic and visual (led)
• Sensitivity: Adjustable with knob
• Power supply: n. 1 9 Volt battery

• Graduation
– Phreatirmeter with round cable: every centimeter
– Phreatirmeter with flat cable: every millimeter
– Thermo- phreatirmeter: every centimeter

• No. of conductors
– Phreatirmeter with round cable: 2 + Kevlar core
– Phreatirmeter with flat cable: 2 in steel
– Thermo- phreatirmeter: 4 + Kevlar core

• Outer sheath: transparent polyurethane

• Dimensions:
– Breathing tube with round cable: Ø 4.7 mm
– Wire meter with flat cable: 10X1 mm
– Thermo-freatimeter: Ø 5.0 mm

• Size available:
– Phreatirmeter with round cable: 30-50-100-150-200-250-300-500 m (other sizes available on request)
– Phreatirmeter with flat cable: 30-50-100-150-200-250-300 m (other sizes available on request)
– Thermo – phreatirmeter: 30-50-100-150-200-250-300 m (other sizes on request)

• Diameter
– Phreatirmeter with round cable: 12 mm (10 mm on request)
– Phreatirmeter with flat cable: 12 mm
– Thermo- phreatirmeter: 12 mm

• Length: 150 mm
• Material: stainless steel

• Material: Drum in plastic (or metal) and steel frame

• Drum diameter:
– Phreatirmeter with round cable: Ø260 mm (30-50 m); Ø320 mm (100-150-200 m)
– Phreatirmeter with flat cable: Ø260 mm (30-50-100 m); Ø320 mm (150-200-250-300m)
– Thermo – phreatirmeter Ø260 mm (30-50 m); Ø320 mm (100-150 m)


• 10 and 12 mm toecap
• Panel with electronics
• Bottom hole
• Electric cable (30-50-100-150-200-250-300m)
• Cable reel



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