Datalogger for in-situ tests up to 18 channels


The NOVALog control unit has been designed for the acquisition and management of the data acquired during in situ tests such as Flat Jacks and
Load tests (on floors, poles, plate, bridges, etc.) but can be used for the acquisition of multiparameter data such as vibrating wire strain gauges,
load cells but also environmental sensors or groundwater meters.

NOVALog is a datalogger characterized by extreme compactness and versatility of use. The instrumentation is equipped with a large touch-screen monitor
and is able to perform data acquisitions from multiple types of measurement sensors (displacement transducers, pressure transducers,
inclination sensors, environmental sensors, groundwater meters, etc.).
It is possible to use the instrumentation to perform all types
of on site tests in which it is necessary to verify, visualize and memorize the data as they are acquired.
The data is automatically saved in the internal memory and can be easily transferred to a USB stick.
The configurations for the various tests are already preset in the factory, therefore no PC or programming software is required.

The high technological content and low cost make this buyer the ideal solution for the most diversified monitoring applications
and data acquisition.

• Data acquisition for load tests on floors, beams, poles, tie rods etc.;
• Data acquisition for tests with flat jack;
• Data acquisition for pumping tests, laboratory tests, etc.

• Compatible with the main analog sensors on the market;
• Large touch-screen monitor;
• Easy to use interface;
• Extremely accurate and precise measurements;
• Internal rechargeable battery power supply;
• Readings, graphs and data storage expressed directly in engineering units.


• Type of inputs: 0-5 Volt, 0-10 Volt, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA (on request vibrating strings, mV / V, ohm)
• Number of inputs: 6 (expandable to 12 or 18)
• Ambient temperature sensor: integrated
• A / D converter: 24 bit
• Sampling frequency:> 1 Hz
• Power supply: 7.2 Ah rechargeable lead battery (other amperage on request)
• Monitor: 12 “resistive touch-screen
• Total accuracy: +/- 0.01% FS
• Memory capacity: 100,000 data
• Autonomy: approximately 6 hours of continuous operation (with standard battery)
• Container: IP67 polypropylene case
• Dimensions: 460 x 360 x 180 mm
• Operating temperature: -20 ….. + 80 ° C
• Sensor input connectors: M12 – 4 poles with IP67 protection cap
• Weight: 10 Kg (with standard battery)


The NOVALog control unit is configured in the production phase (or later) based on the testing needs and the type of sensors and data to be managed.

• Battery charger
• Touch-screen pen

• Extended battery
• Expansion with 12 or 18 channels


NOVALog [Eng].pdf

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