Complete kit of accessories for data acquisition for load tests


The Dial Indicators tools are mainly used for the reading of the deformation during the execution of load tests on floors, bridges, metallic structures and other structures where it is necessary to monitor the lowering of an element subjected to load.

The instrumentation consists of a support, a dial gauge and a metal wire with physical and mechanical characteristics which eliminate both possible extensions that thermal expansion (C85 steel for springs or Invar wire).
The feature that makes it unique Novatest’s Dial Indicator is the possibility of using the support of comparator in three distinct modes:
• Magnetic base
• Clamp
• Tripod

The comparators used can have variable stroke 10mm/30mm/50mm according to the needs required by the test. The Dial indicator can be provided with 1 or 3 systems of measurement.

The components of the Dial Indicators are also available individually if you don’t need the full kit.


The dial indicators can be provided in groups of 1 or 3 systems of measurement.

Each group consists of the following items:
• Analog comparator (or digital) with a resolution of 0.01 mm, stroke 10/30/50 mm;
• Aluminium bracket with swivel magnetic base for mounting on comparison with mechanical locking centralized key rotating protective material and device power on/off of the magnetic flux. Driving force 70Kg;
• Bracket with clamp with locking screw;
• Floor tripod adapter;
• Swivel mounting wire invar;
• Skein of invar wire 0.3 mm L=20m;
• Weight 500g cylinder;
• Transport case.


The dial indicators include the following accessories for each group of measurement:
• No.1 Bracket with magnetic base and articulating arm;
• No.1 Bracket with clamp
• No.1 Floor tripod adapter;
• No.1 Centesimal comparator (stroke 10mm/30mm/50mm);
• No.1 Adjustable arm for fastening invar wire;
• No.1 Lead;
• No.1 Skein of wire-extendible L=20m;
• No.1 Carrying case.



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