Ultrasonic Thickness gauge


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT-1M
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT-1M is designed for rapid non-destructive thickness testing of:
• Products made of various metals, alloys and other materials;
• Glass, plastic, composite and other products from non-metallic materials;
• The walls of the tanks, pipes, casing parts, sheets, overhead, and other structures, including the corroded surfaces, pitted, with scum, etc.;
• Products during their production and operation;
• Metal products for diagnostic and expert work with one-side access to the tested object.

Ultrasonic method for measuring thickness
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UT-1M operates on the principle of measuring the propagation time of ultrasound in the given material. The pulse generator produces a high frequency electrical pulses that excite the piezoelectric transducer (Probe). The transducer converts electrical signals into the elastic (mechanical) vibrations – sound waves. These waves propagate from the surface of the input to the reflective (bottom) surface and back, re-taken and converted into electrical signal by means of PET. After that device calculates the thickness of tested object.

• Wide range of measuring thicknesses;
• Convenience and ease in operation;
• Minimum number of controls;
• Select the type of probe through single button;
• Preset velocity of ultrasound;
• Graphical display with backlight;
• Compensation of probe delay;
• Control of the batteries;
• Mapping the presence of acoustic coupling on the graphic display;
• Fixation of the last measurement result in the removal of the transducer surface.


• Measuring thicknesses range (mm) Probe 10MHz – P112-10-6 / 2 Probe 5MHz – P112-5-10 / 2 Probe 2,5MHz – P112-2,5-12 / 2: 0.8 … 300 (range 0.8-30mm) (range 1-75mm) (range 2-300mm)
• Setting range of the ultrasonic velocity (m/s): 1000-9999
• Discrete readings on the digital indicator (mm): 0.1
• Response time, with no more than: 2
• Basic measurement accuracy (mm): ± (0,001 T+/- 0.1)
• Overall dimensions (mm): 120x60x25
• Operating temperature range (°C): -5 to +40
• Power supply: 2 AA batteries
• Time of continuous work hours, not less (h): 10
• Weight of electronic unit with battery, no more (kg): 0.2


Standard package:
• Electronic unit Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
• No.1 Transducer (probe) (depends on the desired range of controlled thickness)
• No.2 AA batteries
• Charger
• Cables
• Operating manual
• Case

Available options:
• Couplant
• UT-probes
• Calibration blocks



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