Universal calibration anvil for test hammers


The SINT03 testing anvil is an essential instrument for tests performed with any test hammers. When conducting these tests, the calibration of the instrument (test hammer) must be verified for each sequence of test strikes. The SINT03 testing anvil manufactured by Novatest is fitted with a practical handle to transport it easily to the site where testing activity is to be conducted.

To verify test hammers’ calibration, first ensure that the testing anvil is standing on a firm surface then position the instrument within the guide ring.
Test hammer’s calibration must be verified sequence, recording the values measured. Operate the instrument at least three times before starting the calibration on the testing anvil, to ensure that the instrument’s mechanics is working correctly.
Then, fit the test hammer into the testing anvil guide ring and perform a sequence of test strikes (no.10) SINTO3.
The average value of the rebound indexes measured with the concrete test hammer on the SINT03 calibrating anvil must be 80+-2.

Anvil testing does not guarantee that different hammers will produce identical results in different ranges of the test hammer scale.


• External diameter 148mm
• Material C45
• Surface hardness > 54 HRC
• Weight 15,790 Kg
• Reference standard UNI EN 12504-2 ASTM C805




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