Precision Agriculture Drones

    • 14 Mar 2023
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Primary Benefits of Using Drones in Precision Agriculture

We have come to the end of our in-depth exploration of drones and their applications in non-destructive testing surveys.

Throughout this journey, we have covered the following topics:

  1. What is a drone and what are drones used for?
  2. Aerial drones, ground drones, aquatic drones.
  3. Surveys with drones: What types can be performed?
  4. Drones for photogrammetric and LiDAR surveys.
  5. Topographic surveys with drones.
  6. Georadar surveys with drones.

In In this final article, we will discuss one of the latest applications of drone technology in precision agriculture.

The use of drones in precision agriculture or agriculture 4.0

Compared to traditional agricultural monitoring tools, drones allow for time and cost savings. Furthermore, the main advantages of their use are:

  1. Obtaining a greater amount of high-quality data, even in the presence of structures or dense vegetation.
  2. Providing an accurate real-time overview of the situation.
  3. Detecting issues that can be promptly addressed by scheduling remedial interventions.

Drones for precision agriculture: mdLiDAR UAV

The mdLiDAR UAV is an integrated system for generating 3D point clouds, enabling efficient and safe data collection, cost reduction, time savings, and conversion of data into useful information.

The combination of LiDAR technology and drones allows for surveys and inspections to be conducted in areas with dense vegetation, adverse weather conditions, or poor lighting.

Microdrones integrated systems can also be rented.

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